I love to play with elements by tucking in leaves and ribbons and creating little clusters. That’s exactly what I did on when I had fun scrapping this page about my daughter.


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: You + Me = Fun by Pink Reptile Designs, Studio 68 and Studio Basic and DSD 2012 template by Sara Gleason

Psst… Do you want to know a secret?

This page is a mess “behind the scenes”! Let’s lift a few things up and take a peek.

Behind the purple flower are some leaves where I erased the stem (and evidently did a messy job of it!):


Under the jean pocket is a tucked in ticket. It was long so I just erased all the parts that might have stuck out.


If I take away the “love” journal mat, we can see some more leaves with the stems erased. And look! I forgot to take out that flower guide from the template I used! Oops!


And yet another messy leaf over at the right-side:


Remember, nothing is irreparable – if you erase too much, you can always hit “undo” or just delete the layer and then pull in a fresh element from your supplies folder.

So keep in mind that some of those pretty pages you see in the galleries might be “hiding something”! Smile