Making a Repeated Element Overlay


Credits: Starfish by Forever Joy Designs, Chipboard Action by WendyZine and Krystal Hartley, Doodle Action by WendyZine

I was reading The Sweet Shoppe’s challenges for the month of March when I came across this one that I thought sounded very interesting:

Challenge 2. – Babe Erin inspired me with her ingenuity on creating her own overlay. She used laced snowflakes to create this stunning layout. Create an overlay on your layout using one element repeated.

Here’s Erin’s sample page. Isn’t it amazing?!


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I loved the idea of creating an overlay! What a fantastic way of adding texture and working with a kit! This is exactly why I am such a fan of reading and participating in challenges – they provide such great inspiration!

I decided to try out this technique here:


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It’s a super-easy way to add texture. Here’s what you need:

  • A simple element with enough space around it to allow the background to show through. Items that will work well are things like stars, snowflakes, and hexagons.
  • A solid paper background. (You want the element to be the star of the page here.)

Here are a few examples:


Credits: Starfish by Forever Joy Designs


Credits: Forget the Clouds by EH Studios

And that’s all there is to it! A simple way to add texture to your page and make the most of your digital supplies.