Play it Again with words


worded big by Amy Martin


I am so excited to bring you another round of “Play it Again” and share with you many different ways to digi scrap the same memory. This is a great way to illustrate some of the many possibilities that exist when it comes to digital scrapbooking! Here at The Daily Digi we really want to emphasize that there is not a “right way” or a “wrong way” to put together a layout. It’s more about capturing the memory, finding your own style(s), and PLAYING! Yes, it’s ok to play and have fun!


This time, I asked a few of the best scrappers in the digi community to scrap a journaling entry that I used on a page back in 2007. The only rule they had to follow was to include my original wording. Everything else (including the title) was up to them!


Enjoying life is something I strive for each day. I like to think I’m the type of person who appreciates and enjoys the little things around me, and I know that being a scrapbooker has reinforced that part of my personality. Whether I create a layout about a special event, a big vacation, or a simple or silly topic like crazy socks, I am taking the time to cement the memory and share it with others. Even more difficult experiences can be scrapped and somehow, that makes them more bearable. For me, the journaling is an extremely important component of preserving the memory. Real and authentic journaling helps me process what was memorable and enjoyable about each experience. It’s easier for me to find the good in things (and people) by taking the time to scrap and write about my memories.

I enjoy life and I love scrapbooking!


I’m in awe of Ronnie’s layout here with all the beautiful and artsy details. The doilies, butterflies, and word art are all just fantastic! This page feels like an art journal layout and it has such a fun mixture of ingredients.

Anna Aspnes Art Play Palette Elegance<br /> Anna Aspnes Art Word Play<br /> Anna Aspens Celebrate Word ART<br /> Anna Aspens Different Strokes<br /> Anna Aspens Doily Edge Overlays<br /> Allie Edwards Memories Are Delightful Circle<br /> Createwings Designs Now Showing Splatter<br /> Katie Pertiet - GraphedNo3<br /> Katie Pertiet – In a Book No1<br /> Katie Pertiet – Letter Box Blendables No1<br /> Britt Designs – Are We There<br /> Connie Prince – Starpower (staple)<br /> Chelle Creations – Fall Semester<br /> Captivated Visions – Captivated 2012 Feb<br /> Captivated Visions – Yes You Can<br /> Mye De Leon – The Best Time of the Year<br /> Tracie Stroud – Love Me Tender<br /> Word Art World – Words Life, Moments, Remember painted<br />

Layout by Ronnie. Gallery Link. Supplies: Anna Aspnes – Art Play Palette Elegance, Art Word Play, Celebrate Word ART, Different Strokes, Doily Edge Overlays. Ali Edwards Memories Are Delightful Circle. Createwings Designs Now Showing Splatter. Katie Pertiet – GraphedNo3, In a Book No1, Letter Box Blendables No1. Britt Designs – Are We There. Connie Prince – Starpower (staple). Chelle Creations – Fall Semester. Captivated Visions – Captivated 2012 Feb, Yes You Can. Mye De Leon – The Best Time of the Year. Tracie Stroud – Love Me Tender. Word Art World – Words Life, Moments, Remember painted


I absolutely adore photos of flowers and the path in this picture makes a perfectly framed journaling space. Vicki did such a nice job with the text treatment on this layout – I love how it starts out big and gets smaller as it winds down the path.

Play it Again with words Vicki

Layout by Vicki. Gallery link. Supplies: Katie Pertiet-Spot Dot Flourish #1, Clipped Stacks #6 frames.


Lorelei always has such a creative flair for putting together fabulous pages and I really like the brushwork and splattered and worn look of this layout. That lady with the binoculars is just awesome!


Layout by Lorilei Murphy. Gallery Link. Supplies: Studio Miki Ferkul Business as Usual, Studio Captivated Visions I Became Somebody Else, Studio Sissy Sparrows Anything Goes Paper Pack, Studio Tangie Extreme Journaling font.


What a fun idea to break up the long text into little sections all over the page. Super creative layout and fun clustering from Britanee!


Layout by Britanee Walker (britaneejean). Gallery link. Credits: Everyday Basics – Bundle II by Sugary Fancy, Dumbstruck Cuckoo by Little Green Frog Designs, Spring Script & Pea Kadee.


Kristen used dividing boxes on the page to showcase words and embellishments. This feels like a shadow frame of memories and it is so much fun!


Layout by Kristen. Gallery Link. Supplies: Kimeric Kreations Scrap Therapy collection. Digital Designs by Amber Morrison’s Clever Little Printer Tray Templates. Quirkytwerp Stitched Borders and Stitched Frames. Michelle Batton’s Chalked Edges and Artsy Edges. Font: Michelle Batton A lil bit Alana


This page was actually created in early 2007 and I used it as the basis for this challenge. I thought about redoing it, but then I decided that I’m ok with how it is. This page represents what my style was like at the time and the artsy paper makes for a colorful backdrop for my journaling.

enjoy the process 2007

Layout by Katie. Gallery Link. Supplies: Rhonna Farrer Organic Papers, CK printer font.


What style of page appeals to you? There’s no right or wrong answer, just a chance to explore different styles and play with creativity!