Using all the parts of a digital kit

using all the parts of a kit

I love digital kits that are filled with all sorts of supplies and goodies to help me create a beautiful scrapbook layout. We are lucky in digiland to be able to have access to so many amazing kits with a wide variety of designs! This “Enjoy Life” kit by Cluster Queen Creations is just ONE of the MANY kits our members received this month as part of The Digi Files for an incredibly low price. I knew it would be a great example to use as a roundup of ideas and links to what you can do with the contents of a digi kit.

digiscrapping with solid paper

Solid papers are the backbone of scrapbooking and I always love to see several included in a digi kit because I know I will get a lot of use out of them. I’m a big fan of solid papers for backgrounds, especially when I will be journaling on the page. There are many ways to get the most out of solids:


digiscrapping with patterned paper

Patterned paper really brings a kit to life and adds creativity and flair to our layouts. I love a kit that includes some great patterned paper standbys such as stripes, chevrons, and dots. I often buy a kit because of one or two fabulous pieces of patterned paper with a unique design such as a floral or original doodles or patterns. Using these types of paper adds so much fun to the page!


digiscrapping with flowers

Flowers are like frosting for me – cake is good on it’s own, but so much better with frosting! Flowers make me happy and I use them on all sorts of pages – even on boy layouts!


digiscrapping with fasteners

Steph says she uses fasteners on almost everything on her layouts so nothing will fall off – lol! No need to worry about your layers falling off of a digi page, but if you like the look of paper layouts, adding fasteners is one of the best ways to replicate that feeling. When you staple, stitch, and button down the pieces of your layout, you get some fun little details to enjoy.


digiscrapping with frames

Perfect for highlighting a special photo, or calling attention to journaling or a special design feature on the page. Frames are a digi scrapper’s best friend. How else can you add a fantastic frame to your masterpiece without adding any bulk?


digiscrapping with word art

Word art is my favorite way to add a quick page title or some special journaling inspiration. When a designer makes the words look beautiful, it makes it easy to add something special.


digiscrapping with alphasjpg

If you really want to make a word or title stand out, digital alphabets are a wonderful tool to use. It’s fun to get creative with mixing alphas and fonts, or even combining more than one alpha together.


digiscrapping with goodies

There is such a wide range of fun little treats and goodies that are included in digital kits these days and there are so many creative ways to use all types of embellishments. I love using all of the pretty extras that designers include in their kits!

Be sure to take a good look through your digital kit files and think about all the ways you can use those fun supplies!


PS. Congratulations to this week’s reader, Dolores, who has won $10 to Cluster Queen Creations. Thanks for commenting!