Growing App List


Credits: It’s a Boy Thing journal card by Cluster Queen Creations

I sheepishly confessed in a January 2012 article that I didn’t own a cell phone. My family was planning a big road trip in the summer of 2012 though and that motivated me to pick one up. The convenience of that little flip-phone must have been the push I needed to jump into technology wholeheartedly because I picked up my first ever smartphone in February. What a life changer! It’s been less than two months and already I wouldn’t want to go back to not having one. It’s so handy.

Like most people with a new smartphone, I immediately starting looking for the best apps. Over the years, Steph and Katie have written some great posts about favourite apps:

I thought it was time to do an update on useful apps. I left it as a simple list so that any new smartphone owners reading this can quickly run through the list. Wherever I could find links for the Android or iPhone version of the app, I put them beside the app name.

(As always, before downloading anything, do your own research to make sure it will work with your device and is safe.)

Email and Social Apps

Entertainment and Music

Scrapbooking and Memory Keeping


Photography Apps

Productivity and Utility Apps


Shopping Apps

Health and Food


That’s a lot of apps! And yet I’d love to hear about YOUR favourites! Please share your most-loved apps in the comments so that other readers can find them too. Smile