Happy Easter to Our Peeps – Printables

Happy Easter to Our Peeps Printable Header

If you are a Digi Show listener, you know that I refer to our listeners and readers as our PEEPS. It came about because just calling ya’ll ‘listeners and readers’ sounds so generic and anonymous but I thought ‘friends’ sounded a little preschool. So, peeps kind of stuck.

When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew I needed to make a printable version for all of our peeps to print out and use:

Source: scrappinwithmybug-scrappinwithmybug.blogspot.co.uk via islandmom on Pinterest

Today, I’m happy to share a printable with all of our peeps, so you can make some little gifties to share with your peeps! They are 4×6 printables. I bought some 6×13 cellophane bags with a gusset and some smaller 4×5 bags. I cut the 6×13 bags down so they were just big enough to fold the top edge over and put the printable on. You could also use a standard sandwich zipper bag. I printed my toppers at Persnickety on the pearl cardstock (I did some on matte cardstock as well, but the photos here show the pearl).

You just need to print, fold in half, and staple to a bag of peeps. Smile So easy and fun!

Happy Easter to My Peeps

Happy Easter To Our Peeps

As you can see above, the printables come in two versions: one that says OUR peeps and one that says MY peeps.

You can download the 4×6 jpeg printables here.