Scrapbooking High Resolution Layouts On a Tablet

Scrapbooking On a Tablet

I will happily admit that nerdiness is in my genes. A couple of weeks ago, while out to breakfast with my dad, he was showing me a new app he was using on his iPad to remote into his computer back at home (an doing some programming). I was blown away that it had all of the functionality of using a mouse and keyboard while remoting into your own computer. I was thinking about how great it would be to go on a trip and only haul my iPad to accomplish work things that needed to be done on the road. Then, suddenly my mind started swirling with all of the OTHER things I could do like scrapbook in Photoshop, tag photos in Lightroom, and so much more!

TeamViewer allows you to access your desktop (even if it is asleep or locked) from your tablet or smartphone (I don’t want to try and scrap on my iPhone though). With it, you have access to everything that is on your computer: programs, files, external harddrives, etc.

TeamViewer is Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android compatible. It was really easy to set up, I just downloaded and installed the software from their site, and it walked me through everything. I downloaded the app and entered the code TeamViewer on my desktop gave me along with my login information that I had previously set up.

When I came home from visiting my parents, I downloaded TeamViewer to my laptop as well as my iPad. I scrapped one whole layout via TeamViewer (see my video below of me scrapping my very first layout on my iPad using TeamViewer), here it is:


Supplies used: Template from Star on Top by Amy Martin (collab with One Little Bird), kit is Little Miss Sunshine by Erica Zane, fonts are Lobster Pro and Fontologie Printing Primer


Some Tips For Scrapping On Your Tablet Using TeamViewer

  • I had a folder of layouts with photos already placed in them that I had put together for the Album Builder post that still needed scrapping. This turned out to be very handy for scrapping using TeamViewer.  (Anna is no longer selling her scripts in a store, but has said she will sell them if you contact her.  Also see Katie’s post on Power Scrapping).
  • At first, I tried to scrap with all of my usual programs running, I found it much better to close everything except PhotoShop (having Photoshop open on my computer before remoting in via TeamViewer worked best).
  • If I was going to scrap more than one layout, I might have Lightroom open as well, so I can look for supplies. I got lucky on the layout in the video, I honestly had NO idea what I was going to use and the first kit I went to worked perfectly, as if it was planned.
  • At first (in the video below) I had my iPad connected to an external keyboard via bluetooth. It actually caused greater problems with TeamViewer. Once I disconnected it (at the end of the video), I was able to easily use keyboard shortcuts via the TeamViewer interface.  So I don’t recommend using an external keyboard.
  • I remembered the tip of using File> Place to open a product and have it placed directly on the layout at the very end of the video. That would have saved TONS of time if I would have used it the whole way through.
  • I wasn’t able to enter values in any of the boxes that allow it, I had to use the sliders. I’m not sure if it was because of the external keyboard or not, but I kind of think it wasn’t.

Here are some screenshots:

Photo Mar 08, 12 18 52 PM

This is what the screen looked like on my iPad. Notice the keyboard button on the bottom right and the TeamViewer tab on the right side in the middle.

Here are the gestures you can use for various tasks (it shows this everytime you start the app):

Photo Feb 23, 12 07 29 PM

To drag the plaid paper onto the template, I just tapped and dragged it over:

Photo Mar 08, 12 22 40 PM

When I tap the keyboard button the above is what comes up. Each icon has a different menu it will bring up. The keyboard button gives us this:

Photo Mar 08, 12 23 45 PM

To clip the paper layer to the shape layer below it, I can now tap on ctrl+alt and then tap G and voila! It’s clipped!  (If you were using Photoshop Elements, you would only need to tap the ctrl button).  Here’s what it looks like when ctrl and alt are selected:

Photo Mar 08, 12 27 34 PM

You can see in the image above there is another keyboard button at the top of the menu. If you tap on that keyboard, this is the keyboard you will see:

Photo Mar 08, 12 23 25 PM

Now, you can arrow to move stuff around, which is super helpful when scrapping on a tablet. I didn’t figure this out until I was almost done creating the layout in the video below.

To create the video below, I recorded my computer screen as I was scrapping on the iPad (if you are in email or a reader, you will need to come to the site to view the video). I don’t know of a way to record the screen on the iPad (outside of screenshots). But I think this does a great job as well. There is no audio because…well…it’s just not necessary. The layout took me just over an hour to create from start to finish. I sped the video up just a little, so it’s about 40 minutes long.

The video is me creating my first layout on the iPad using TeamViewer, so I do make some mistakes as I go. Hopefully, they will help you do a better job. It’s also my first time creating a layout from start to finish in CS6 and as I go through Character settings in the Character menu toward the end of the video, I was super excited with what I saw!! I can’t wait to start using it more!

I am really excited to think I can sit and tag photos while waiting for my kids to finish school or lessons.  I also have the very perfect vision of sitting on vacation, by the pool, and scrapbooking on my iPad using TeamViewer to access my laptop back home. The other day, I was getting my hair done and got an email from Wendy about some files on the server that needed to be moved for my team. So, I hopped on TeamViewer and was able to move the files (mostly successfully) on my laptop that was back home. Now that I am getting used to the gestures and remembering to move the mouse to select and then tapping, instead of just tapping before moving the mouse; I’m really enjoying using the apps.

It is slightly slower than using the computer directly, but the portability is a really great tradeoff!

What do you think you might use TeamViewer for? Are you going to give it a try?