Simple Photo Tricks Part 4

This week I have very simple trick – brightening eyes. It’s especially helpful when the person is in the shade, wearing eyeglasses, or simply when you want eyes to have a little extra ‘pop.’ There are a number of tutorials out there, but my favorite is one Janet Phillips posted several years ago. I use this often with my son who has difficulty keeping his eyes open in the bright sunlight. When taking his photo, I normally place him just inside a shaded area so he doesn’t have to squint. The problem is, then, his eyes loose their usual luster and the sparkle from the sunlight.

Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool, select the iris area of the eye. (You can select the whole eye, white included, for lots of ‘pop.’) Hold down the Shift key as you work. Click several times are you curve around the eye so that the lasso catches along the area you want selected. The magnetic lasso tool attaches itself along a line of color. Once you complete the loop (the beginning and end of the lasso meet), it will show marching ants and your selection is ready to copy and paste into a new layer.

Now you will work with the new layer (identified as Layer 1 in your Layers Palette). Go to you upper tool bar and choose Filter, scroll down to Other and select High Pass.

The High Pass will turn the eyes gray. Don’t freak out, this is not the last step!

Now go to your Layers Palette and using the pull-down menu select Overlay.

The gray will become translucent and give those eyes some extra sparkle. Here you can see the difference in the before and after photos:

Just that little ‘pop’ brightens up the whole look and improves the quality of the photo. Give it a try!