Steph: Where Do You Print Your Photobooks?

Probably the biggest question I see in my inbox from readers is, “Steph, where do you print your Photobooks now?”  It’s usually written after someone reads the Photobook Printing Review post I did a while back.

My answer has always been the same: I still print my photo books with Adoramapix. I did print one book with another company since I wrote that review, but I was so disappointed, I’ve since stuck with Adoramapix.

Here’s the list of why I still choose Adoramapix for printing my photobooks:

Print Quality

It always matches what I see on my monitor. There aren’t any surprises (note: I calibrate my monitor). The prints are photo quality and don’t have the graininess or noise that so many other photo books have.

A Custom Cover That Is Easy To Design

I love that I can design the cover to wrap all the way around the spine of the book and what I see in the Adoramapix software, is how it will print. I don’t need to use any templates or anything special to have the cover look exactly the way I want.

Custom Inside Covers

It’s so fun to be able to design the inside of the covers to coordinate with the opposite pages and/or the cover.

Thick Pages

I love how thick the pages of the book are!  There will be no bent pages in this book!


Lay Flat Binding

After having photo books with lay flat binding, I don’t think I can ever go back!  Sometimes, I have to look hard to see the seems.

Double Page Spreads

I can upload a 24×12 double page layout and drag and drop the whole thing onto a page and just click on “fit to page” and that’s it! I don’t have to divide the layout into two 12×12 layouts in Photoshop first.  No worrying about lining up the center seems on two 12×12 layouts.


One of the only concerns I hear from readers (before they try Adorampix) is the price. I promise you, considering the quality of their books, it is a VALUE! But, they do quite often run HUGE sales, so sign up for their newsletter (I think you have to register to get on the list). I have found that when they show the sale price for a 14 page 8×8, the same discount usually applies to the same size with more pages.

There is a sale going on now (ends 2/14) and you can get a 14 page 8×8 book for $9.99 (WOW!) (regular price is $25.95) using the coupon code: PXLOVE8x8

You might want to check out their blog, where you will find links to all of the different places you can connect with them to find out about sales.

From the readers that have tried Adoramapix photo books for their printing, I usually hear that they are converts too.