how and why you would enjoy posting to our Flickr group


Anyone who has heard me on The Digi Show or read my posts here will know that I’m a very avid Flickr fan. I use Flickr as another backup source for all my full size photos and digital layouts. Here are some of my past posts that explain how and why I use Flickr this way:

Obviously, I’m all for uploading photos and layouts to Flickr! Today, I want to show you why YOU might want to consider adding your layouts to our Flickr group Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration.

YOU can shape the content of The Daily Digi

We regularly look at our Flickr group pool for ideas and inspiration for posts. When we see what YOU are scrapping, we know what you want to learn about here on the site and we also can see what type of products you enjoy using. All of this helps us know what types of designers to invite to The Digi Files and what type of posts you will be most interested in. One day as I was browsing through the pool of layouts, I fell in love with this one and it ended up inspiring an entire post about scrapping the movies!


Here are a few other posts that were influenced by the group:


YOUR layout could be famous!

When we find a fabulous layout in the Flickr group, we love to share it here on the blog with our readers (we always link back for credit). YOU can inspire THOUSANDS of digital scrapbookers! These are some of my favorite posts to put together because I get so many great ideas to scraplift and inspire my own creativity! Here’s a page that jumped right into my “favorites” on Flickr and I shared in the post about Moment Scrapping vs. Event Scrapping.


A few more posts where I shared some of my favorite layouts from the group:


Open to any type of layouts with any type of digital supplies

Most store galleries are “closed galleries” which means you need to post layouts using only their products (or a majority of their products). This is totally understandable since that store is paying for the space and management of the galleries where the layouts are posted. We are able to take a different approach though by using a Flickr group. Because we love ALL types of digital scrapbooking from hundreds of designers (we’ve featured more than 200 designers to date!), we wanted to have a place where anyone could post any type of digital layout. There are only a few things that we ask:

  • No product previews – we just want to see layouts
  • It must be family friendly. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the group

To keep the group running smoothly and according to these guidelines, Steph and I must approve every single layout that is posted to the group. That is why you won’t see your layout appear in the pool immediately, but we both check the group several times a day and so it usually doesn’t take long.

I like posting to the Digital Inspiration Flickr group because I don’t feel all of the pressures that I do with other galleries. I still comment on other layouts occasionally and I add a lot to my favorites, but I don’t feel obligated to leave a certain number of comments. I appreciate that it is a very casual and friendly environment! I’ve gotten to know some great digi peeps because they have left nice comments on my own layouts and we have been able to interact with each other in the group.

Here’s a layout that I just added to my favorites yesterday. I would love to scraplift it!



We will notice YOU

We don’t add to our team very often, but when we do…we often invite scrappers who regularly post to our Flickr group. Because Steph and I need to approve each and every layout, we see them and notice those who post a lot of great pages. We often reminisce that we found Heddy through the Flickr group and I think you will all agree that she has been a wonderful addition to the site. I love her posts!

Here’s a layout from Kimberly Kalil, another team member who is active in the group. I love her layouts!



So what are you waiting for? We’d love to see your digi creations so be sure to post them in the Digital Scrapbooking Inspiration group on Flickr!

katie big

PS. Congratulations to Victoria who has won $10 to one of Kaye Winiecki’s store. Thanks for commenting!