I Am a Princess and You Are Too

In this world, where ridiculing other people is often accepted and in some instances encouraged; where negativity and criticism is seen as “being real”; and put-downs are seen as comical; it is so refreshing to see things with a positive message. That’s how these commercials affected me the first time I saw them and still affect me, several views later.

Empowering, uplifting, dare I say…joyful? These statements are all things that I believe. They are phrases that are filled with meaning and are powerful. They are things I want to remember during the good times, but especially during the hard times! I want my daughters to remember these things as well. It was that desire that led me to ask Little Butterfly Wings to create a large poster using her beautiful talent and ability to combine fonts and images. I wanted it to be BIG and something that I could buy a premade frame for. I had her create a 16×20 poster which she provided as a jpeg and png.

I shared on CapturingMagic.me how I got the poster printed and framed and how much it cost me. As I was getting ready to post that, it occurred to me that people would want smaller sizes as well. It was late, and I was tired, so I went ahead and scheduled the post, deciding I would add smaller sizes before this post here. I also knew I would be getting some emails asking for the smaller sizes. I did not expect to wake up in the morning to an email from my own MOM asking for smaller sizes. It made me laugh.

Well, Mom, I made some smaller sizes and ordered some 5×7 prints from Persnickety on their pearl cardstock. They are beautiful! I’m excited to have them on hand to give to people when I need a card. A nice thought for a friend that needs a pick-me-up, a get-well, a thank you, even a birthday wish.

I hope this will bring you a little bit of happiness. The printables are in the members for those that are members. If you’re not a member, you can download them on CapturingMagic.me