Once Again – Seven Will Win

Before we get into the details of wrapping up February, I wanted to take a moment and send our condolences to the family and friends of our dear Pattie Knox. Pattie was an amazing teacher both in the digital scrapbooking community and in her real life. My path first crossed with Pattie’s in 2004 when I first started digital scrapbooking.  She has been someone I have respected and admired since that first day. Pattie joined us on The Digi Show as well as The Paperclipping Digi Show and quickly became a fan favorite. Pattie will be deeply missed and her absence will be felt by many throughout our community!



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This is what our members are saying:

Never disappointed by the variety every month … just signed up for my second year of Digi Files … looking forward to another year of inspiration! – Jean

WHAT A FANTASTIC MONTH!!!!! Not only did we receive a ton of new items, we got to check out a ton of new designers by getting the “store collaborations!” I am so happy and I am certain this is the best digital investment there is. Period.  Thank you so much!!!!!!- Candace in Colorado

First time buyer and already addicted to Daily Digi!!!! Love it! – Juliane

I started with the DD in July, and I’ve loved every month. Every month includes something I know I can definitely use, and some styles I’ve wondered about that I need to try. DD gives me the perfect opportunity to do that! I love every single kit I’ve ever gotten so far. I look forward to the 1st every month! – Lisa C

Here’s a closer look at everything that is included this month:

Kaye Winiecki

Amy Martin

The Digichick

Karah Fredricks

Maya De Groot

WM [Squared]

Captivated Visions

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Sizing Layouts


Supplies: Seaform journaling card by Becky Higgins, DJB Mrs. Webster font by Darcy Baldwin

When we create a scrapbook page, many of us eventually create three separate electronic files for the same page:

  1. Working Copy: Layered file containing the scrapbook layout
  2. Print-Ready Copy: Full-size high-resolution flattened layout for printing
  3. Web-Size Copy: 600×600 pixel, 72 dpi resolution flattened layout for use in galleries or emailing

Here is a screenshot of page that I created and saved as a layered TIFF file:


Supplies: Shaped Up Vol. 5 Banners by Amy Martin, Easy Peasy by Pink Reptile Designs, font is DJB Mrs. Webster by Darcy Baldwin

The layered file as the following image size settings:


The 300 pixels/inch resolution is important – that is the value needed for high-quality printing.

Let’s work with this layout and create the print-ready and web-sized copies that I’ll need:

The Print-Ready Copy

Many scrapbookers scrap and print their pages in the 12×12 inch format because that is the size that for which most papers, elements and templates are optimized. However, some people find that 12×12 is quite large when printed. To solve this problem, many digital scrapbookers take pages created in 12×12 and print them in 8×8 size. It’s a more manageable size, and fits on a standard bookcase. Some printers, like Persnickety Prints, are able to take a 12×12 image and print in 8×8. For some other printers, you’ll have to resize the image.

Going back to the scrapbook page above, I save a print-ready copy by:

  • Retaining the same image size and resolution as on my layered TIFF file.
  • Flattening the image.
  • Apply a sharpening action. (Ever since reading Wendy’s article on sharpening for printing, I include this as a step.)
  • Saving as a JPG at maximum quality.

Saving for Web

To save for the web, take either the layered file or the flattened JPG and change the image settings to:


I apply a web-sharpen action and then use the Save For Web feature in Photoshop. Because most galleries require images that are under 150 k in size, I optimize the image for that size and save as a JPG.


Now my saved-for-web version is ready for the gallery. You can see it here in a gallery at 600×600 size.

Using Resize Actions

If you’re using Photoshop, you can record your own actions for commonly performed tasks like resizing a layout for printing and for web posting. If you don’t have a full version of Photoshop, there are commercially available actions that you can purchase to automate these tasks for you. (For example, WendyZine has this resize/sharpen action for saving to the web.)

To Keep or Not to Keep?

A common question asked among digital scrapbookers is “Do you keep your layered files after your page is done?” There is no right or wrong answer. Here are various strategies:

  • Keep both the layered file (e.g. TIFF, PSD) and the flattened 12×12 layout. Who this works for: Risk averse scrapbookers with lots of memory space available.
  • Keep just the flattened 12×12 layout. Who this works for: Scrapbookers who are confident that they won’t want to tweak a layout later or need to correct a spelling mistake and scrapbookers who need to conserve memory space.
  • Hang onto both files, but delete the layered file once the page is printed. Who this works for: Scrapbookers who are want to be able to fix a mistake right up to the print order, but who won’t reprint later if they find an error in the printed page. Works for people who eventually want to free up space on their computers.

Meet Van

BIO: I am a dedicated memory keeper who loves all things cute and bright.  I am a mother to two adorable kids, married to my high school sweetheart, and am a recovering big firm attorney turned stay at home/ work at home mom.  I am a proud Navy wife and am currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I studied history in college and graduate school.  In retrospect, scrapbooking is the perfect collision of obsession with pretty paper and passion for documenting family history.


Most of my must have products are those that help me digital scrapbook much like I would paper scrapbook.

(1) Digital Staples from Splendid Fiins
(2) Stitching Lines from Splendid Fiins
(3) The Thin One Font by Heather Joyce
(4) Project Life Template Design A by Becky Higgins LLC
(5) Polaroids by liv.e Designs


Clean, bright and purposeful.


Liz Tamanaha, Kelly Purkey, Paige Evans, and Kristy Lee.


Even before I started digital scrapbooking, I was an avid listener of the Daily Digi and follower of the blog.  To be a part of the Daily Digi team is so surreal.  These women are at the forefront of the industry and it is so exciting to work with a variety of amazing designers each and every month!


This layout is totally out of my comfort level but I think it’s the photos that really tug at my heart.

Blog •  Gallery •  Pinterest •  Flickr •  Twitter •  Facebook

How To Develop Your Photographer’s Eye | Part 2

In last month’s installment we discussed telling a visual story. In Part 2 we are digging into interesting composition.

Take a look at this photo. Grab a piece of paper and list everything that catches your attention about the photo. Don’t read anything else until you’ve written at least 7 things (Click on it to see the larger image for even more detail.)

How many things did you list? Let’s see if you noticed what I noticed.

Rule of Thirds

Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid across the photo. The boys are on one line, the horizon on another. Visually the photo has appeal because of the strength of the rule of thirds. More on the rule of thirds.

Leading Lines

Did you notice how your eye enters the photo and moves through the frame? Mine enters at the bottom of the frame and wanders down the road with the boys. The light color of the road draws our eye and the line helps us continue down the road.

The Horizon

The horizon creates a strong point of interest in your photos. Notice how a little less than one third of the frame is dedicated to the blue sky. Including more sky would distract from the subject of the photo. Less would leave the photo feeling chopped off and incomplete.  Think about placing the horizon on the top third line of that tic-tac-toe grid.


Did you notice how the photo doesn’t look flat? There is a clear foreground, midground, and background.  Those layers allow the viewer to have more space to look into the photo.  Shooting with a narrow aperture keeps the layers in nice focus throughout the frame.

Tonal Contrast

Light in a photo attracts. Dark recedes. Notice how your eye goes to the berry bucket in the little boy’s hand? That is tonal contrast working. The white area draws our eye right to it. It almost jumps out of the frame when you look at it a second time.

Color Contrast

Did you notice any particular colors when you looked at the photo? Color contrast adds to our composition. Notice how the green, blue, and brown work together through contrast? Notice the pop of red?

Shoot With Intent

Thinking about your composition as you pick up your camera you will create more appealing images. Of course, you don’t need to use everything listed for this photo, but consider what you are trying to achieve when you frame your image.

I’m curious, what else did you notice about the image? Share in the comments below.

Captivated Visions: A Little Tidy Up


Rachel a.k.a Captivated Visions is such a talented designer and I am happy to welcome her back. I was able to meet her last year when she traveled all the way from United Kingdom to Las Vegas for Digiscrapapalooza.  So many artistic elements that are included in her collections creating a great “art journal” look!  Paint, aged and weathered papers, vintage textiles…so many beautiful elements!  I love the theme of her contribution this month! Let’s take a closer look at “Yes You Can” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!  Here are some layouts created using Captivated Visions’s contribution:

Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Fonts: The Silver Reed font by Heather (Hess)
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; misc doodles by me; Font: soymilk.
Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Staple Its Clusters by Pattie Knox; Art Play Palette Word Play (mask) by Anna Aspnes; Vintage Photo Frames No. 18 by Katie Pertiet.
Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Traveling Typewriter.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
I’m 35 and from the United Kingdom, I live with my husband Simon who is also my best friend and tech guy! I’ve been dabbling in design for four years or more, it’s such a wonderful creative outlet and release for me, I can’t imagine myself ever doing anything else!

My designs have been available at ScrapbookGraphics since October 2012, you’ll find an eclectic mix of design in my shop inspired by Mixed Media and Art Journaling along with digital scrapbook products from my previous store which are more classic in design.

In my spare time I enjoy working in my Mixed Media Journal, and I’ve recently put together a Junque Journal which is getting fatter! If I’m not creating in my studio or on my computer I’ll be watching a movie with Simon, I enjoy cooking and reading too!





I was having a little tidy up at home and came across this cute filmstrip of photos Simon and I took in a booth whilst on a shopping trip. I knew right away I wanted to scrap them so I scanned them in and created this fun Mixed Media Layout. The photo was taken right before we got married, the photo brought back a flood of memories! I used painted areas of the Mixed Media paper as a base to title and date my layout, I also customised the paint work by adding more paint and clipping papers to them!

I stumbled into the Digital Scrapbooking Community around 2009 or so I think, it was after discovering some designers via a signature tag hobby I’d been enjoying for several years.

I tried my hand at a few basic digital layouts shortly afterwards and it wasn’t long before I started to experiment and make my very first kit. I started out offering freebies on my blog and then I started selling Kits from my blog before I joined my first shop!

Many of my designs are as a consequence of creating in my Mixed Media Art Journal. I normally start out just creating a page off the top of my head, experimenting and creating freely, I often work on several backgrounds at the same time, spritzing and painting and stencilling!

I’ve created many beautiful colour schemes and Kit ideas this way and that’s how things normally start but I don’t always make my journal pages into products. I like to create for me first and foremost but that’s where my creativity starts.

Pinterest is a favourite place to sit and drool over inspiration, and I love to follow blogs and flickr accounts of other Mixed Media Artists and follow others Art Journals.

Sometimes it can be as simple as a pattern, a quote or a colour scheme that gives me the design bug but once I get going it’s a free for all and the end result can be totally different!


Computer: I work on a PC that runs Windows 7 64 Bit, an ATI Radeon Gfx, 8GB of Memory and an SSD Hard Drive. I love my LG 21″ Monitor!
Program: I design with Photoshop and Illustrator Creative Suite 3
Camera: My Canon EOS 350D is still doing the job! I also have a Sony Point and Shoot and love snapping on the go with my iphone!
Anything Else: I use an Intuos 4 Tablet and an Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner.
How to create transfers/elements/stamps/rub ons from your kit elements (for your personal use)

This is a fun tip which works great with Mixed Media and Art Journal style creating. If you want to create a distressed and artsy finish to your page this is a great way to change the elements in the kit you are working with to use on your background.

It works best on doodles, Illustrations, Ephemera, flat word art or word bits or non 3d elements or alphas (things that are flatter in design)

This basic tutorial is for Photoshop but could easily be re-worked in Photoshop Elements, it assumes you have a basic working knowledge of brushes.

You will need a stash of Brushes, preferably chunky stamped like brushes that have good surface area but with bits missing from them. (Check out the Mish Mash Brushes or Acrylic Washes available in my shop)

1. Choose the Element or Alpha that you wish to transform into a stamp/transfer, place it on your background.

2. Create a new layer below your chosen element.

3. Pick a brush that is bigger in size than your chosen Element. If you want your finished stamp/transfer to be one colour and not the original colour of your chosen element ensure you pick a colour with your dropper tool prior to stamping your brush.

4. On the new layer that we created below your chosen Element we will place our brush stamp. So with your colour chosen (or not if you are going to use the original element colour) stamp your brush.

5. We will now clip our Element to our brush. Doing this will create transparent pixels in our Element as our Element will only cling to filled areas of our brush. To do this either right click on your Element layer and select Create clipping Mask, or use Alt+Ctrl+G

6. Now we want to get rid of the ugly excess from our stamped layer. To do this you need to create marching ants around the edges of your Element. The easiest way I know to do this is to hold down Crtl and click on the layer thumbnail, you should know have marching ants around your Elements. From the Menu choose Select > Inverse or Shift+Ctrl+I, now with your BRUSH layer active hit delete once.

7. You should now be left with your element, in its original colour that looks more like a stamp/transfer. If you want to further distress it you can select another brush and use the clear mode and erase more of the BRUSH layer. The more you erase, the more stamped your element will become. If you wish to use the colour of your brush for your element just hide the top layer (the original element) or just delete it!

I started out creating some Mixed Media Backgrounds for my journal and they came together so fast, I actually remember it being very early in the morning and there was a storm! It was thundering and raining really hard and I was in my element lol!

I got really excited when I saw these backgrounds coming together, so when I was at a stage where I felt done with the backgrounds I scanned them into Photoshop and created the Celeste Collection!

It’s my favourite because it’s so serene to look at, and the papers are so artsy and hold so much texture. I find it really easy to scrap with, there are tons of layering elements and I’ve already scrapped with it twice!
The Celeste Collection was my debut product during my Guest Spot at Scrabookgraphics before I opened my official store there, and it continues to be my best seller!

I think it’s really versatile because it works for so many different purposes. It can be used as an everyday kit for those that scrap traditionally, but it’s artsy papers and stamped elements also mean it’s ideal for Mixed Media Scrappers and those that love to art journal. I’ve scrapped wedding photos with it, and I’ve seen so many different themed pages made with it. The feel of the kit has a real ethereal tone to it!

Here are some of my favorite products by Captivated Visions:

Here are some more inspirational layouts using Captivated Visions’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.



Now through March 31st, save 30% off Captivated Visions’s store with code TDD-CV-30. (One coupon per person, not valid during sale events or on collaboration products. Expires 11:59pm EST on March 31, 2013).

Go have a look in Captivated Visions’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Captivated Visions

The following layouts were created using “Yes You Can” by Captivated Visions and included in The Digi Files during February, 2013:

Layout by SharonS. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Template: Janet Phillips, Photo Masks: Persnickey Prints,  Jenn Lindsey, Border: Scrapgirls–Brandy Murry, Date Brush: Scrapgirls, Font: Arsenale White.

Template by Little Green Frog.

Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Fonts: The Silver Reed font by Heather (Hess)
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; misc doodles by me; Font: soymilk.
Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Staple Its Clusters by Pattie Knox; Art Play Palette Word Play (mask) by Anna Aspnes; Vintage Photo Frames No. 18 by Katie Pertiet.
Layout by Jenn. Supplies: Yes You Can by Captivated Visions; Traveling Typewriter.


Dropbox 101

Dropbox 101 tutorial how to

Ever since Peppermint shared on The Digi Show some of the ways she uses Dropbox, I have been hooked and use it for so much. It’s one of those things that I’m really not sure how I ever got along without it.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is added to your computer (Mac and PC) and looks just like a folder on your harddrive. You can access the contents of this folder from your computer it’s on, any internet browser, as well as any smartphone or tablet you install it on.

You can share folders or give access to any of your folders to anyone with a Dropbox account. You can also send links to contents in folders to other people, so they can download.

The Dropbox site also keeps version histories of files and folders, so if you accidentally delete or save over a file, you can restore it from the site.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get up to 2GB of space for free. If you invite someone to share a folder or sign up for Dropbox and they sign up, you earn more space, up to 18GB.

Paid plans start at $9.99 per month or $99 a year for 100GB of space.

How Do I Start Using Dropbox?

Starting is really easy! Just go to the Dropbox site and download the application, run it, and you are ready to go. You will want to download the iPhone or Android apps if you have those devices. If you have a tablet, you will want to download apps for those as well (from your app store).

Setting up a FREE account is as easy as entering your email address and verifying your password. \

What Do I Need To Know?

If you share a folder with someone or invite someone to your folder, everything you do in that folder is live and will happen for them as well, until you unjoin or disconnect others. If you delete a file, add a file, unzip a file, etc. it is live for everyone that has access to that folder.

In order to share a folder, you need to log into your account online, it can’t be done from your desktop.

There is a GREAT help guide on the Dropbox site.

Some Good Uses For Dropbox

  • Camera Upload – I have camera upload set up so anytime I’m connected to wi-fi and open Dropbox on my phone, it automatically starts uploading photos to my Dropbox photo folder.
  • I save documents, logos, and contracts to my Dropbox folder so I can access them easily when I’m not at home. There have been many times a team member or programmer will email me while they are in the middle of a project and need just one thing. I’m always happy when I have it in Dropbox and can save it for them OR move it to our shared folder.
    • This came in really handy when we’ve moved and I’ve had to work on getting kids registered for schools. I was able to have our proof of residency and everything else I needed in Dropbox, just in case. There was more than one time that I was able to email a document to a school secretary while we were filling out paperwork.
  • I have a shared folder set up with just about everyone that does any work for me so I can easily get files to them and from them without having to worry about file sizes.
  • I have folders that I’ve shared with people that were at CHA and Disneyland this past January. Everyone added their photos and were able to grab everyone else’s pictures as well.
  • I have folders shared with my family members so we can exchange photos.
  • I used it to transfer files from one computer to another.
  • I use it to store itineraries and information for vacations and business trips, so it can be pulled up on my phone or iPad easily as needed.
  • Here’s a look at my folders:


Google Drive

Google Drive is very similar and offers many of the same options. It also seems to be less expensive for more storage. Although I’ve been using Google Drive for a very long time, I just recently downloaded the desktop application and am not as familiar with it.

What do you use Dropbox for?

Simple Photo Tricks Part 4

This week I have very simple trick – brightening eyes. It’s especially helpful when the person is in the shade, wearing eyeglasses, or simply when you want eyes to have a little extra ‘pop.’ There are a number of tutorials out there, but my favorite is one Janet Phillips posted several years ago. I use this often with my son who has difficulty keeping his eyes open in the bright sunlight. When taking his photo, I normally place him just inside a shaded area so he doesn’t have to squint. The problem is, then, his eyes loose their usual luster and the sparkle from the sunlight.

Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool, select the iris area of the eye. (You can select the whole eye, white included, for lots of ‘pop.’) Hold down the Shift key as you work. Click several times are you curve around the eye so that the lasso catches along the area you want selected. The magnetic lasso tool attaches itself along a line of color. Once you complete the loop (the beginning and end of the lasso meet), it will show marching ants and your selection is ready to copy and paste into a new layer.

Now you will work with the new layer (identified as Layer 1 in your Layers Palette). Go to you upper tool bar and choose Filter, scroll down to Other and select High Pass.

The High Pass will turn the eyes gray. Don’t freak out, this is not the last step!

Now go to your Layers Palette and using the pull-down menu select Overlay.

The gray will become translucent and give those eyes some extra sparkle. Here you can see the difference in the before and after photos:

Just that little ‘pop’ brightens up the whole look and improves the quality of the photo. Give it a try!

a February Friday


Little Butterfly Wings mini calendar. The Lynette font by Heather Joyce.


A big happy birthday to The Digi Show! We celebrated our 75th episode this week with a question and answer show. We discussed a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff and answered all sorts of queries ranging from how old we are to what we have learned from the show. Come have a listen and celebrate with us!



Have you been thinking about printing some photobooks? Now’s the time! AdoramaPix is having a big sitewide sale! Check out Steph’s photobooks post if you want to see some examples of their quality. Use code PX35OFF for the discount.



Check out all of the fun goodies in digiland this week!

A digital scrapbooking element set by Erica Zane at Sweet Shoppe Designs, Cut It Out is full of fun cut out mats to accent your pages.


Die cuts digi-style? It’s easy with these new actions by Studio Wendy!


Scotty Girl Design has a sweet new kit, Froyo, in her store. Snag it for 30% off through Sunday.


Sugary Fancy is celebrating 5000 fans!!! Like Sugary Fancy’s Facebook Page and find two Exclusive Offers for a limited time {Feb 28}!!! Me & You mini Kit + 50% off Coupon!!


Are you into pocket-style scrapping?  Chelle’s added another set of pocket pages & templates to her store.  Use pockets2013 to get 20% off ALL of her pocket page/template sets.


The perfect collection for scrapping family memories from Kimeric Kreations!


Check out a 30% storewide sale (excluding licenses and GiftKardz) happening in the aAStore from Friday February 22 – March 1, 2013 at 9am EST.  Stock up on all your artsy favorites for a limited time!


Dúnia has a beautiful new kit!


Easy Peasy by Pink Reptile Designs is just the kit you need to smugly scrap how brilliantly you solved that problem all by yourself! No help from anyone else just you! Or maybe you did get help but nobody expected you to succeed even then? Maybe you yourself didn’t expect this succes, huh? Well then there’s all the more reason to make sure you preserve all those unexpected achievements! Grab it this weekend at a 20% discount!


Two new sets of journal cards, perfect for capturing your everyday moments. Includes printable versions with full bleed. Click on Buy Together to save an extra 10%!


Mscraps is back after a short hiatus updating our server & that means the EH Studios shop is 30% off this weekend! Elise has a fantastic coupon, good for February, to go along with it + 3 new products from my Mscraps Birthday Party Bag! Use code ehstudiosFANjan5


ValC designs and Erica Zwart have team up create this bundle of Emotions.
This Collaborative project is full of amazing and original pieces a must have to scrap all year round you E.MO.TIONS As usually this new release will be offered with a 20% discount for the first weekend ONLY… be quick!


Katie has extended the sale on her Sweeties template bundle for a few more days! These templates will help you get your own sweeties scrapped and save you time and effort in the process! As always, she has included sample layouts for inspiration and links to supplies and fonts used.


River~Rose now at Scrap Matters! Save 30% off for her opening sale from February 22 through 28th.


Danielle Young has a great deal going on right now at Oscraps. The more you shop, the more you save. No coupon code needed!


Here are some other fun finds from digiland!











































What a fabulous Friday to be a digi scrapper!

katie big

PS. Congratulations to this week’s reader, Jennifer Butler, who has won $10 to WM [Squared]. Thanks for commenting!

WM [Squared]: The Science Side


Wendy is another fabulous designer I’ve been able to meet in real life and I’m happy to welcome her back to The Digi Files! I really adore WM[squared]’s ability to create amazing themed kits (especially her travel collections)! Her color combinations and doodles are delightful too. Wendy creates most of her own doodles that can be found in her kits.  Wendy’s line of handwritten fonts are perfect for the digital scrapbook layout! Let’s take a closer look at “Hello Friend” kit and “Wendy Teeny” – the font; that are included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month! Here are some layouts created using WM[squared]’s contribution:

LO1Layout by Ronnie. Supplies: Hello Friend and Wendy Teeny (font) by WM[squared]; Pearl Accents by Pattie Knox; Picture Perfect 22 by Aprilisa; Brushes Barely There Brushes (template) by Tiffany Tillman.
Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Hello Friend and Wendy Teeny (font) by WM[squared].
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Hello Friend and Wendy Teeny (font) by WM[squared].Summer Garden template by Sara Gleason.
Layout by Sula. Supplies: Hello Friend and Wendy Teeny (font) by WM[squared].Fonts: Traveling Typewriter.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: Hello Friend and Wendy Teeny (font) by WM[squared].

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

I’m a full time student and designer. I’m majoring in Biology, hoping to transfer next fall to pursue a degree in Forensic Biology. Everyone is surprised when I tell them this, but I love the science side of law enforcement. I’m a 30 something gal, living in South Texas. No kids, but two adorable pups!





I first started paper scrapping, around 1999 or so, and grew my supplies, like most paper scrappers. Then I moved from Texas to California (in 2006), and because everything is *so* expensive in California, including cute paper scrapbooking supplies. I stumbled upon a digital scrapbooking site, and I was already familiar with Photoshop, so I tried it out, and I haven’t looked back since!

I started out with freebies (as most of us do, i think), then got on my first store CT, and dabbled in design while CTing. I eventually started selling at that store, and the rest is history! Now I design more than I scrap, which is bad, i know!

A color palette, an idea for an embellishment, a themed. It doesn’t take much to inspire me.

Computer: I use Windows 7, 64-bit OS, on a Dell Inspiron One. I have a 25 inch monitor (it’s kind of like an iPad where you can touch the screen, but I learned quickly that that feature irritated me, so I turned it off. lol), a wireless mouse / keyboard. 8.00 GB RAM. 1tb Hard Drive
Program: For design I use PSCS6. For font making I use High-Logic Scanahand and High-Logic FontCreator
Camera: I have a Nikon D-90
Anything Else: I have a tablet that I use for some word art bits, elements, etc. It’s a Wacom Intuos.
If you’re a designer, or someone getting into design, doing the preview as you design the kit is a HUGE help. I used to create an entire kit, then go back and preview it. Not only did it take forever, but when it was all said and done, I found that I had to fill in where I had missed by not seeing the entire kit together. When you preview as you go, you see what the kit needs, and you make sure that it’s well rounded.

I love this kit because it’s a great general kit. It has blue, for more boyish LO’s, but it also has a lot of girly elements too. It’s a great kit to tell the story of your love, your family or children. It’s very versatile.

I also love this kit, but I think it’s popular because everyone seems to just LOVE England. I do, don’t you? It was inspired by a then recent trip to London and surrounding area. The colors match with the rest of my Great Escape Collection!


Here are some of my favorite products by WM[squared]:


Here are some more inspirational layouts using WM[squared]’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.


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