I Love Editing In Lightroom With RadLab


If you are a Digi Show listener, you know I LOVE RadLab! I’ve used it in PhotoShop for a long time, but it was a life changing revelation when Christine Newman shared that you can use RadLab in Lightroom. I have gone from detesting editing photos to actually enjoying it!

On Saturday, I shared an update on Organizing in Lightroom, I thought today, I would share a bit about how I edit my photos

RadLab can be used in PhotoShop, Photoshop Elements, and Lightroom. It is more of a plugin than an action or anything else. In Photoshop, this is what I do to access RadLab: go to Filter> Totally Rad> RadLab


In Lightroom, I right click on a photo and select Edit In> RadLab:


The user interface is the same in Lightroom and Photoshop (and I would imagine PSE too):


I’ve used RadLab enough that I usually know what I’m going to apply, even before I open the photo. I love RadLab because I can hover over each adjustment and see what it will look like on my photo. I can apply as many adjustments as I want. Here’s the recipe I used on the photo above:


I moved the slider on Cool As A Cucumber pretty far right (I just kept going until I liked the look) and I left Sugar Rush at the default.

On my photos, I typically use one of these three:

Oh Snap!
Sugar Rush
Punch Out

Then I might add:
Lights On
Lights Off

And I typically add:
Cool As A Cucumber
Warm It Up Kris!
Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana

There are a ton of stylets that could be used included in RadLab and the combinations or Recipes are limitless.

Here’s my edited photo:


Big difference! It took what might have been a throw away and made it look pretty good and not over processed.

To use the photo with the edits applied, I either Right click on the photo and choose Export and then select my different settings (where I want it saved, etc.) OR if I want to use the photo on a layout, I right click and select Edit In> Photoshop. When the window pops up, I select: Edit a copy with Lightroom Edits applied.

Being able to use RadLab in Lightroom has made it so I can organize my digital scrapbooking product previews, organize my photos, and edit my photos all in one place. My workflow is so smooth now. The only time I edit a photo in Photoshop is when I need to clone, use content aware, or make a blue sky bluer; but those are very rare occasions.

I am often asked which I would choose: Lightroom or RadLab. It’s really a hard choice for me. If someome told me they had to take away one of them, I’m not sure I could choose. If you don’t have Lightroom already though, I would recommend RadLab because you can use it in the other two big programs most digital scrappers use: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

There is a link in this episode of The Digi Show to a tutorial for using RadLab in Lightroom. If you want to buy Lightroom, you can click on the link in the sidebar of The Digi Show and that helps us out over there (it is an affiliate link), I don’t think the discount coupon works anymore, but let me know if it does.

Are you a RadLab Lover too? Do you have any favorite Recipes? Please share them in the comments!