I’ve become a better photographer because of The Daily Digi


Anyone who knows me probably realizes how much I like this time at the end of the calendar year. I love to reflect on what has happened, what I’ve accomplished, and what I’ve learned in the last 12 months. It’s a great time to step back and take a mental inventory on where I stand in my life. It’s also the perfect opportunity to think about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

I find that many of these thoughts center around the amazing things I’ve learned from the blog here at The Daily Digi, as well as the weekly podcast of The Digi Show. Of course, the inspiration I get from the team members, the playbooks, and the monthly Digi Files is an incredible bonus in my life as well!

One of the many areas of my life that The Daily Digi has had a big impact on is how I take and process photos. Let’s face it, we all love pictures around here! Photographs are the most common way that we capture our memories and it’s always wonderful to find new tips and tricks to make them even more meaningful. This year, we’ve focused (pun intended) on:

How to photograph people in glasses. My son wears glasses (and so do several of my family members) so this was a huge help for me!



How, when, and why to use a gray card. Great tips!


Smart Phones can be your only camera – even on vacation!



Geotagging on purpose and by accident. There are ways to mark where your photos were taken, and you might not even know you are using them.



Almost 100 ways to take sharper photographs. Wow!


Knowing when and how to crop photos and some simple mistakes to avoid.



You can outsmart your camera! This little line thingy will help you.


Stock photos are a great resource for photography inspiration. Even if you never buy stock photos, just browsing the sites will give you a ton of ideas!



It sure is easier to shoot fireworks when Katrina Kennedy tells you the right settings. I love that she shares the specifics!


Buying a camera doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few lists of things to look for.



Shooting from the right angle can make a huge difference. It helps to see how a photo improves based on the shooting position.



There are many ways to edit your photos online and for free. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your pictures – even without expensive software.



Not all cropping ratios are created equal. This has always been confusing for me until Janet explained it.


Light is a key ingredient in great photos. It’s amazing what you can learn from one little tomato!


You can read your camera manual on your iPad, phone, or computer. Why didn’t I think of that?



It’s easy to make gray skies blue. Now, if we could only do that in real life!



Photos become even more powerful when grouped in a series. This has been a big “aha” eye-opener for me. I love shooting photo series now.



There are some great tricks to use when photographing kids. I love Katrina’s tips for figuring out how to capture the young ones in our lives!


Phone cameras are mainstream now – they can even show up on the cover of Time Magazine!



Simple tricks for photo editing. I always appreciate tips to help my photos look their best.



Fixing common photography mistakes. Help for blurry, yellow, or even boring pictures.


Noticing and treasuring moments. Really, it’s all about seeing when it comes to photography.


Those are just the photography posts from 2012 here at The Daily Digi. We’ve been at it since January of 2009 so feel free to look through the photography post archives to find even more.

All of these amazing tips and resources have been shared here for FREE! Most people would have to take expensive classes to get this type of content. We are able to offer these types of posts because of the ongoing support of our members. A BIG THANKS to everyone who supports what we do!

Now go grab your camera and have some fun with it!

katie big