Noticing and Treasuring

A note from Steph: Katrina emailed me yesterday and said she wrote this post prior to the tragedy in Conneticut. The post was scheduled to go live next week and she was questioning if it might be too much. I told her I thought the post was perfect and decided last night, it would be appropriate to run it today. Katrina’s words profoundly say so well, what each of us have thought since we heard of the evil events. Our hearts are broken for those families, friends, and loved ones impacted by these choices, they are in our thoughts and prayers. May each of us take time to notice and treasure our loved ones a little more.


As we say goodbye to 2012 and welcome in 2013, will you indulge me as I step away from the technical?

Each month I share photography tips and techniques. Things like

But really, photography is about seeing. It is about taking the time to look around with awareness. It is about taking the time to notice the details, the colors, the textures, and the beauty that surrounds us.

Noticing slows us down. Noticing makes us breathe in a little extra oxygen. Noticing requires us to take a break from the frantic pace life can thrust upon us.

Photography is about your life. And treasuring it.

It is about knowing that this moment. This precious, precious moment will not arrive again. There is no do over.

So what if the aperture is just a bit off. Or if there is just a bit of camera shake or motion blur.

What matters?

You noticed.

You watched your child as they discovered Disneyland for the first time. You held your breath as the sky filled with beautiful morning light. You stepped back to let a bigger picture into your lens. You slowed to see how the dew danced on a single blade of grass.

That is what photography is about.

Whether you take one photo next year or a photo every single day. Whether you take it with your phone or a fancy dSLR. Remember noticing is most important.


Visit Elliot Erwitt’s Website for beautiful examples of noticing the world.