Digi Scrapper’s Christmas Wishlist


Has your family asked you what you want for Christmas this year? I have a few ideas that any scrapbooker would like!

Gift Certificate to Your Favourite Digi Stores

I ask for a GC to my favourite stores every year. It’s a great gift for a digi scrapper! And a scrapping is a fun way to spend some time over Christmas holidays… Winking smile

Pre-paid Online Back-up or an EHD

A year of pre-paid online back-up would be a very practical gift. Every digi scrapbooker should have their supplies backed up. My EHD died this year so I can say from personal experience, that a back-up and restore plan is essential! I use BackBlaze for my online back-up and was so happy to have all my files restored. (And I’m not perked to say that either!) There are other online back up sites, like CrashPlan and Mozy, that you can research as well.

If online back-up won’t work for you, consider an EHD for backing-up your supplies.

Additional Memory

Maybe you have all the back-up you need, but you’d like more RAM or a bigger EHD to store your ever-growing digital supplies catalogue.

Newer version of PSE/PS, etc.

No matter what platform you’re using, if you’re using an older version, Christmas might be a good time to upgrade to the newest version.

Organizing Software

I would be lost without ACDSee for tagging and organizing my supplies. Other people swear by Lightroom. Whatever your preference, organization software is a great idea.

Digital Scrapbooking e-Books

I LOVE reading e-Books about scrapbooking. Here are just a few ideas:

I keep them on my tablet so that I can view them in full-colour no matter where I am.

Scrapbooking Class Gift Certificate

You can find classes at places like:

And more! A self-paced workshop or an upcoming instructor-led course might be a great gift for a scrapper who wants to learn a new technique.

eLearning books or courses for photography

I recently read an eBook for learning low-light photography called Shooting from the Shadows. It was a great way to expand my photography skills.

There are many eLearning options for photography. Check out:

Prepaid prints at a favourite printing shop

A couple of years ago, Steph did a post about printers. No matter where you print, prepaid prints would be an excellent gift for a digi scrapper. It is amazing to browse through your layouts in a physical album. If you’ve never printed before, it will change the way you see your own pages!

The Daily Digi Gift Certificates

Don’t forget that the Daily Digi has gift certificates! A subscription to the Digi Game would be a great gift… and that’s a present you can enjoy for an entire year!


I hope this gave you a few ideas of things to add to your wish list!

PS – The title graphic was made using Kate Hadfield’s Under the Tree.