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Let’s take a closer look at “Hipster Holiday” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


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Here are some layouts created using Mommyish’s contribution:

Layout by Jacki. Supplies: Hipster Holiday by Mommyish.
Layout by Kimberly M. Supplies: Hipster Holiday by Mommyish.
Layout by Sula. Supplies: Hipster Holiday by Mommyish; Fonts: DJB Holly Berry Wonderland by Darcy Baldwin.
Layout by Tara. Supplies: Hipster Holiday by Mommyish.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.

My name is Leah Riordan. I am originally a Southern Belle (Ok, more like a Southern Geek) from Tupelo, Mississippi. I married a Yankee and currently live in Carmel, New York, which is about 50 miles north of New York City. My husband Christopher and I have one daughter named Caitlyn who is nine. We affectionately call her our “monster.” Caitlyn is my little artist and always gives me input on my kits… whether I like it or not! We also have two cats, one dog and one fish. Honestly if it wasn’t for being married I’d probably be one of those crazy cat ladies you see on Hoarders.

Another interesting fact is that my mother in law is my best friend! I’m lucky! She is the one who really inspired me to focus on Mommyish as more than a hobby but as a business. Occasionally she draws up doodles for me to use in kits too!





This is one of my most favorite layouts.. but then it is using my favorite kit! I created a special set of lighting overlays to give layouts more depth and thus I was able to go back through some of my older layouts and give them a little “pop” I have a tutorial on how to use lighting effects on youtube!

SUPPLIES: I [heart] Home by Mommyish

When I was 14 I was obsessed with Sailor Moon. No lie. This led to me using AOL dial up (remember that?!) and wanting to make my very own Sailor Moon website. This love for anime led to a love of graphic design. So you could say I’ve been playing with graphics on the computer for more than half of my life!!!

Finally in February 2006 a friend of mine mentioned digital scrapbooking. I had tried papers scrapping and really just didn’t mesh well with it. (I am not steady with my hands) It was like eating chocolate for the first time. I was hooked!

My first layouts actually didn’t contain any digital products at all, in fact they were layouts I made in Paint Shop Pro the same way I would have made a website design.. just in a square! I made my own papers and elements because I just assumed that was what people did! I then discovered Shabby Princess! I quickly fell in love!

I love design. I am the child of a very talented crafter and always felt that I just didn’t fit in because I couldn’t do all the cool things like sewing, crafts, etc. that she could. On the computer it didn’t matter if I could sew a straight line. It didn’t matter if I put an element where I didn’t like it.. I could just move it or create my own!

The better question would probably be “What *doesn’t* inspire you to create?” I’ve literally looked at the sidewalk and thought “Oooh, what a beautiful texture!” In truth magazines play a huge part in what I create. My mother in law and I love to browse through Pottery Barn catalogs. I’ve torn clippings from Esquire, InStyle, Redbook, etc. Even the color trends of nail polish (my secret obsession) have inspired me! Inspiration really is *everywhere* it is all in changing your perspective of the world around you.

Computer: My husband built my computer for me. We are big fans of NewEgg and thus my computer is sort of like Frankenstein. I should first start out by telling you her name: Trooper. She is really a very sweet computer and has treated me very well over the past few years. (We’ve had our ups and downs.. but we always reconcile) She is currently running Windows 7 Ultimate. We run with 12 GB of RAM Trooper has 3 Hard Drives. (She’s built like an amazon) All together she has 1,141 GIGS of Drive Space which is a bit over 1 Terabyte. Despite all the space I also have my scrapbooking and design folders backed up through Dropbox and Carbonite. You can *never* be too safe when it comes to so much data!

I also have dual monitors which make me feel like I’m in some super cool high-tech movie! They are 23.3 HDMI screens from Acer. I was *very* hesitant to add the second screen but wouldn’t trade it for the world! Now I get to watch Netflix while I design!

Program: I was able to make an honest woman of Photoshop a few years ago. I’ve never looked back! I currently use Photoshop CS6. I recently subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud which now gives me access to LOADS of other Adobe products including Illustrator, Lightroom 4, etc. and the latest version of Photoshop Extended so I’m looking forward to using more programs in the future!

Camera: I use a Canon Digital Rebel XTi that my husband bought me for Christmas in 2008. I regret to say that I *know* I do not use this beautiful Camera to its potential and wish I knew how to use it properly! I admire all the wonderful photographers out there that take such amazingly fantastic photos!

Anything Else: I also have a Wacom Bamboo that I am trying to master. (Remember about the unsteady hands) I am enjoying it thus far and really hope to get better use from it as time goes by.. even if it is only to draw devil horns on my husband’s pictures.
Be Yourself. Sure, that is pretty much a staple in life and something everyone says to someone else at one point in their life. What I mean is to be yourself with your scrapbooking. Do not be afraid to let your personality shine through! We are documenting memories from our point of view. I think your posterity deserves to know how absolutely AWESOME you are! Don’t be afraid to allow your sense of humor to shine through!

This product is a favorite of mine for several reasons. I saw the palette through the photo card boutique and just knew right away what I had to do with it! I moved to New York in June of 2011. I made this kit as a reflection of finally feeling like I was really home. One of the neatest things about this kit is that the blueprint paper was made from the blueprints of our home! (Which has been the Riordan Family home since it was built in 1972) Every time I look at this kit I know that it contains a part of our family’s history in it which is being shared with everyone!

It all started with a Billy Joel song. Basically every time we would visit my husband’s family in New York we would play “New York State of Mind” when we crossed the border. When we moved to New York I *knew* I wanted to make a New York kit that even a New Yorker would use. (Not too touristy) This is the first kit that really took on a life of its own! Once I got started the kit just came pouring out!


Here are some of my favorite products by Mommyish:


Here are some more inspirational layouts using Mommyish’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.


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