But my life isn’t interesting enough for December Daily


Do you worry that your life isn’t “interesting enough” to do a December Daily project? I’ve heard this exact statement from my own mother and I know countless others out there feel the same way. Many have expressed that their biggest concern with participating in Ali Edwards’ December Daily challenge is that their life is “too boring” to document each day.

I bet you will feel a lot differently about the topic after you listen to our podcast with Ali from a few weeks ago. I know it helped my own mom feel like she wanted to try the project for the first time.


Even with all the encouragement in the world, December can still turn into a long month. It can be a bit tricky to feel like you have something to document, or even celebrate each day. I personally love the challenge because it inspires me to do something special each day. Others look at it more as a record of what their everyday life is like and December happens to be the month they are capturing. Whatever your approach is, I thought it would be fun to share some of the ideas I have to make the month of December a little more fun and merry. You can use these as prompts for a December Daily project, or just as a list of fun things to do.

Adding interest and fun to your December:

  • Take your camera or smartphone shopping with you. Snap pictures of seasonal displays, long lines & crowds, and special items you buy at this time of year.
  • Make a list of favorite holiday recipes you love at this time of year and decide which ones you want to make. Document the recipes, the process, and the finished result.
  • Go see Santa – even if you don’t have little kids. It’s a great photo-op and it’s something fun to do!
  • Send out an email (or facebook post) to your family and friends and ask them to send you their favorite holiday memories and photos. Use these stories as material for your own album.
  • Watch your favorite holiday (or everyday) programs. Take pictures of the screens or snap a screen shot if watching on a device. Write out a list of your favorite shows.
  • Go to the bakery and buy a holiday treat. Take a picture and then enjoy!
  • Build a holiday puzzle or Lego set. Take photos during the process and also of the finished project.
  • Look up local events in your area and attend some of them. Save programs and take pictures where permitted.
  • Go see some holiday lights and practice your photography skills.
  • Do the 12 days of Christmas for someone (it can even be anonymous). Think up special treats for them each day and take pictures of what you deliver to them.
  • Do something out of the ordinary from your routine and document the experience.
  • Work on a craft project and take pictures along the way. Pinterest is a great place to find some ideas.
  • Write a letter to Santa and have him leave one for you also.
  • Make some hot chocolate and make it pretty enough to photograph.
  • Go on a photowalk around your neighborhood and take pictures of the decorations. If it’s too cold for an outside walk, head to the mall instead.
  • Work on a photo series throughout the month.
  • Throw a party!
  • Invite some friends and family to go out to breakfast or lunch.
  • Keep a list of the websites you visit during the month and include some screen shots.
  • Write down your favorite holiday songs. Take pictures of the cds or find screen shots and images online to use for illustrations.
  • Look through some stock photo sites for ideas for holiday photos and then try to replicate them.
  • Schedule a day to stay home in your pajamas. Don’t answer the phone, door, or email (unless it’s an emergency) and have a staycation in your own house.
  • Spend 1 night in a local hotel for a fun adventure. You will get to enjoy someone else’s food, decorations, and hospitality, while you get away from the stress of your own preparations. Experiences are often the best gifts!
  • Make a paper chain or use an advent calendar to countdown the days until Christmas. Photograph it several times during the month.
  • Keep a December gratitude list and jot down (or photograph) something each day that makes you happy.

These are ideas should work for just about anyone. You don’t have to have kids or a spouse to do fun holiday things. Even if it’s just you on your own, you can find something special in every day at this time of year. Documenting your December days will help you appreciate the fun in this time of year and will also be a great snapshot of your everyday life!

katie big

P.S. the title graphic was created with Pink Reptile Whoa Santa cards