Page Breakdown

I started pocket scrapbooking early in the fall and I love the results I’m getting with it!

Today, let’s break down a digital pocket scrapbook page and show how we can use some of our scrapbooking techniques in this simple blocked style. Any kit can work for this sort of layout and it is a great way to make the most of your supply budget.

Here’s my two-page spread for the week of November 18-24:


Supplies: Slips Ins 5 by Traci Reed, Memories in the Making kit by SSD, Layered Up In You December Journalers by Lauren Grier, InstaFrame by Sahlin Studios (left page), DJB JenLin font by Darcy Baldwin

Let’s take a look at the left-hand side up close:


1 – A border was added by clipping a stamped edge (in the Memories in the Making kit) to a photo. Added a journaling tab and “punched” the typewriter font in by using the typewriter font trick discussed here. Added a 30 point white stroked border to the photo (See how here).

2 – Added the week by typing in black font and then made it more subtle by switching the layer blend mode to “overlay”.

3 – Made journaling cards using the Memories in the Making kit by clipping kit papers to layered journaling card templates by Lauren Grier. A great way to always have coordinated journaling cards even when the kit doesn’t come with them. As always when using text on textured paper, used the trick in Fonts Don’t Float to blend the text with the paper.

4 – Used a quote card as a filler in a box.

5 – Added a faux vellum label to the photo by creating a white box and reducing the opacity to around 60%. Then typed some text and “cut it out” of the vellum.

6 – Used large size Arial font and wrote directly over a photo to add emphasis.

7 – Faked an Instagram photo and clipped it to a frame by Sahlin Studios.

And the right-hand side:


1 – Added a white border to a simple image taken with a point and shoot camera while out to dinner. (You could also just use your phone.) Doing weekly pocket scrapbook pages has encouraged me to take photos everywhere!

2 – Added a simple tag and affixed with with a staple.

3 – Adding in special dates, like Black Friday, completes the week. I just used some black paper from the kit and created a quick (and colour-appropriate!) journaling card.

4 – I’m challenging myself to appear in all of my weekly layouts, and sometimes that means a quick picture in the mirror with no make-up on!

5 – One of the ways to keep the spread consistent is to use the same journaling font.

6 – Writing directly on photos is a simple and effective way to document every day life.

7 – Taking photos of weather is a fun way to visually mark the changing seasons.

Each two page pocket scrapbook layout takes me about 30-40 minutes to make. It’s something that I look forward to sitting down each Sunday to do. Are you doing a pocket scrapbook album or thinking about it for 2013? Tell us about in the comments.