A fun & easy approach to December Daily


I’ve played around with doing a December Daily album since 2008. For the first few years, I would start out strong and then never finish the whole month. I didn’t feel bad about it though, because those pages are included in our albums and are a great representation of our December activities.

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Last year was the first time I made it through the entire month and I came pretty close to finding a formula and format that worked well for me. My only “mistake” was that I tried to be too hybrid about the whole thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, and many of our readers love hybrid-style projects. I just found out that I’m not one of them. I really am an ALL DIGI gal these days and that’s what makes me happy! So I’ve decided to tweak a few things for this time around. I shared a lot about my approach when we had Ali Edwards (originator of the December Daily project) on The Digi Show last week.

My 2011 December Daily Album

Last December, I used a Project Life type of approach for my December Daily album. I love Becky Higgin’s Project Life and I thought it would be perfect for capturing the little details of our daily life in December. I was right about that and it is a great format for a December Daily album. I’m not really interested in doing Project Life for my main memory keeping, but I love it for my December album!


Here’s what DID NOT work for me:

  • I did not enjoy having to get my pictures printed before I could do anything with them. I also don’t like printing at home. Both of these factors became big problems for me as the month went on because I wanted to keep up with the project. I wanted to be able to enjoy the pages during the month of December. I also was trying to blog about them on my personal blog.
  • It was a pain to have to photograph the pages during the short daylight hours of winter. I do almost all of my creative work late at night, but I would have to wait until the following day to get a decent picture. The turnaround time of waiting for prints and waiting to photograph the pages made it nearly impossible to blog about my December Daily project in a timely manner.
  • Because I used divided page protectors, I had to use the same design format for the front and back of a page (2 sided). I like to have more freedom with my page designs.
  • I decided I do not like using a corner rounder or even a paper trimmer anymore. What an ironic thing this was for me to realize after decades of being a die-hard paper scrapper!

Here’s what DID work for me:

  • The 12×12 album format was perfect for this project, which is funny since I don’t use that size for anything else. I love that I could include full size programs right in my book.
  • Mixing page protector sizes made the album fun for me and for those who looked at it. I really like the mix of page protector sizes that Becky Higgins offers with her Project Life product line. I’m going to mix in even more sizes this year. I’ve never been one to do this in my other albums, but it worked out perfectly for including all the little bits of December memorabilia that I collected.
  • My favorite part of this approach is that I have a big album that I can just keep adding to each year. I don’t want to have to complete a separate album for each year. I’m not a big fan of mini-albums and I don’t want to have 20 December albums sitting around in 20 years. I love the idea of pulling out our December album each year and being able to look through several years at once. It makes much more sense for me from a space standpoint and it is more fitting with my personal style.


What I’m going to do differently this year:

  • Use digital templates and digital scrapbooking products to create my pages. I’ll share some of my favorites at the end of this post. I will print them as 12×12 size pages and slip them into plain 12×12 page protectors.
  • Use the divided page protectors with smaller slots for collected memorabilia that I don’t need to alter in any way.
  • No trips to Costco to pick up prints! That really messed with my happy mood last year. lol! I can share my digital pages on my blog as I create them and then order the prints to be delivered via mail service from Persnickety Prints.

Revamping my 2011 pages to fit my plan:

Some people might think I’m a bit crazy to go back and redo my pages from last year, but in reality it’s only a handful of pages and I since I have all the digital components that were printed out, I was able to just quickly put them together in digital page format. Because I want to keep them all in the same album as the pages I will be doing in upcoming years, I knew I wouldn’t feel satisfied if everything didn’t match in style. It’s just who I am.

This feels so much better to me, and it was A LOT easier to put together!

2011 redux 1

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Here are a few more of my revamped pages: (all are linked for credits)

2011 public redux

2011 photobomb redux

2011 printables redux

You can watch my December Daily set on Flickr to see more of my pages as I add them. Of course, there are unlimited ways to put together a December Daily album, this is only my method. Feel free to experiment and play around! Be sure to check out Ali’s December Daily section on her blog to see all the different ways she has completed this project over the years.

Some of my favorite digi products I’m using for my December Daily album:











Of course, I’ll be watching the shops over the next few weeks and browsing through my stash as well. I love finding bits of digital word art and journaling cards to use my album!

Are you participating in December Daily this year? Will you be keeping a daily album? Blogging about your days? Sharing photos on instagram? Be sure to listen to the podcast we did all about December Daily to get even more inspiration!

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