Going through my gallery favorites



I used to hang out in the online galleries a lot more in the past. Nowadays, I mostly pin or stack the layouts that inspire me. I still have many “favorites” that have been marked in galleries though and I don’t want to forget them.

I can access all my gallery favorites by going to an area in my account. Most galleries have this option, but it might not always been right at the top.


I have marked many wonderful layouts over my years as a digital scrapbooker. Most of these pages were created long ago, but they are still amazing. It thought you might enjoy taking a memory-lane stroll with me as I rediscover the pages that sparked my creativity!

I have always been in awe of pages that give the feeling of looking down on a pile of papers, or someone’s workspace. I fell in love with this page when it was posted more than 5 years ago and I still want to scraplift it!



Scanned handwritten treasures are something that always catch my attention. There is something incredibly special about a note from a loved one. I added this to my favorites back in 2010 and it feels just as inspiring when I look at it today.



I love getting a peek into the everyday life of the scrapper. It was so fun to see what Paula watched on tv back in 2008, and I knew I wanted to document those type of details as well.



It’s amazing to me that when I see a page in my favorites, I can remember seeing it for the first time and wanting to expand my creativity because of it. Isn’t this beautiful?



I adore this soft and sweet layout.  I wish I had better baby pictures of my kids. *sigh* I still want to scraplift this page!



The clean simplicity of this page just makes me happy. The grid never goes out of style!



Big bold title, cool picture, great design. Yes, yes, yes!



This layout still takes my breath away! What an incredible work of art.



I’m a big fan of maps and I love the way they look on scrapbook layouts. I love the linear design and great typography.



This page just has the right mix of everything. I love the red & blue, postage elements, and the handwritten look of the font.



If you are looking for a boost to your creative mojo, take a look through the layouts you’ve bookmarked or added to favorites. Think about why you noticed those pages in the first place and how they can inspire you now. It’s a great exercise to get yourself scrapping!

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was created with Sabrina Dupre’s kit – a few of my favorite things.