Capturing a major news event with a phone camera


I was astonished to find out that the cover photo on this week’s Time Magazine was shot with an iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. It just goes to prove the point that it’s not about the camera, but more about being there to capture the moment.

Time Magazine asked five photographers to document Sandy via Instagram. Their photos are available for viewing on the Time Lightbox blog. There is something powerful about viewing the pictures in a simple way like this.

This article on does a great job of explaining why Time went with a phone photo in this situation. In short, it was about getting the coverage they needed in the quickest and most direct route. Phone cameras are with people all the time and they are revolutionizing how we document our lives.

There are those who think a phone photo should not be used on the cover of a prominent magazine. There are others who think it’s the sign of more to come. No matter what your opinion is, it’s definitely a game-changer for the world of photojournalism.

For those of you who have been hit by the storm (or another natural catastrophe), how did you document it? Did you take photos? What kind of camera did you use?

Most importantly, we hope you are all safe and sound and able to get back to ordinary life sometime soon. We know we have many readers who have been affected and our thoughts are with you!

katie big