Our favorite TV shows + an important P.S.


The nice thing about technology today is that you can watch TV shows from many different genres and eras. A lot of people watch their television programming online  through services like itunes, netflix, hulu, and more. The team here at The Daily Digi is especially found of using technology for their entertainment. Not surprising! I thought it would be fun for us to share some of our favorites with you.

Katie – I really don’t watch a lot of tv, but when I do watch, it’s always recorded on TiVo first. I have some definite favorites from the past and also some current ones as well.

Currently watching
Survivor – everyone in our family loves this one!
Sherlock – the new modern BBC series (date time for me and my hubby)
Mythbusters – another one we all watch together
Burn Notice – for the grownups (but we are a few seasons behind)
White Collar – another date night favorite (a few seasons behind on this one also)
Phineas and Ferb – our entire family enjoys this cartoon, it’s hilarious!

Past favorites
LOST – my most favorite TV show ever!
Alias – another great one from the same guy who created LOST
Friends – I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the entire series and I still enjoy it.

Steph We don’t have cable, local channels, or satelite so anything I watch is through Netflix or iTunes.  There aren’t many shows that I stick with for more than a season or two: So excited for new seasons of:
Once Upon a Time (a.k.a Once)
Downton Abby
Beverly Hills Nanny (season just ended, this is my guilty pleasure)
Currently watching:
Shark Tank (LOVE this show!)
Good Luck Charlie (watch as a family)
Switched at Birth (American Sign Language was my foreign language in college, so I love watching this one for that)
All time faves:
Cosby Show (have been rewatching on Netflix and die at how funny it is now that I’m a parent)

Trina – I’m a reality TV junky lol.  I really love Survivor and the amazing Race.  I love Big Brother too, but it’s only on in the summer.  I also watch The Vampire Diaries, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, How I Met Your Mother, The New Girl and a British Soap Opera, Coronation Street.

Kimberly K. I  love that with Hulu, Netflix and Amazon on Demand I can pretty much watch anything no matter where I’m at in the world. My current favorites are:
New Girl
Downton Abbey
Modern Family
Mad Men
and anything on the Food Network!

Jenn – I used to be a reality tv junkie, but have pared way back in the past year or so. My current faves are:
Breaking Bad
Dexter (still getting caught up, and only on season 4 right now)
Modern Family
Top Chef
The Middle
Sons of Anarchy
Amazing Race
Downton Abbey

All-time faves:
Six Feet Under

Jacki – We don’t have TV, Netflix, or anything like that so we get our TV shows via DVD. These are probably a little old:
West Wing
Survivor and Amazing Race

Lauren – I don’t watch much tv, but DO love me some New Girl as well as The Office. Sometimes I watch netflix streaming while I work… my favs are the British shows like IT Crowd. And definitely love Seinfeld… that’s one of the shows I can watch over and over and over!

Heddy – I always PVR instead of watching live. I love to fast-forward through commercials and start and stop watching, as needed.
Current Shows:
Big Bang Theory
Grey’s Anatomy
Revolution (Just started this year and looks promising…)
Game of Thrones
Past Favourites:

Melissa – Oh, boy, I do love me some TV!!
My favorite all-time show is Friday Night Lights. Hands down.
I find that since my cancer diagnosis, I enjoy comedy and more lighthearted fare. Some of my current favs: New Girl, The Office and Modern Family, Dancing With the Stars, Survivor.
And some that I are not as lighthearted, but I love: Parenthood, Covert Affairs, White Collar, Downton Abbey.

We’d love to hear what your favorites are if you want to share in the comments. It’s always fun to get recommendations from each other!

katie big

P.S. This coming Tuesday, October 9th, The Daily Digi site will be down while our webhost provider works on some software updates. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this so we just wanted to give you a “heads up” that there will not be a new post that day and not to worry if you can’t access the site for a few hours. Thanks so much for your understanding! Smile

Communicating With Color

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.”

-Georgia O’Keefe

It’s no secret that color has an effect on us.  Certain colors evoke certain feelings in individuals and companies and organizations have long since worked to optimize color for their intended purposes. Hospitals decorate in muted shades of pink, green, and blue to bring a calming effect on patients. Advertisers use red in logos to signify power and energy. Manufacturers of baby products woo us with their soft color schemes, making mamas arms ache to hold their little one.  Yes, color communicates.

You can read a lot about color theory and its impact on people, but for the sake of summary, here are the basic colors and the feelings and moods they evoke.


RED: Energy, war, danger, strength, power, passion, desire, love




ORANGE: The energy of red + the happiness of yellow. Joy, sunshine, tropics, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, determination, encouragement.



YELLOW: Sunshine, joy, happiness, energy, attention getter (taxis, busses), paired with black for caution, cheerful, leisure.



GREEN: Nature, growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, health, rest, stability, endurance, safety.



BLUE: Sky and sea, depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, trust, heaven, tranquility.



PURPLE: Stability of blue + energy of red. Royalty, power, nobility, wealth, extravagance. 75% of cialis without prescription if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link”).style.display=”none”;} pre-adolescent children prefer purple over all other colors. Rare in nature.  Light purple = feminine.


WHITE: Light, goodness, peace, innocence, cleanliness, perfection.



BLACK: Power, elegance, formality, death, evil, anger.




With those thoughts in mind, take a look at some popular logos and ask why they chose the colors they did. Which companies bring energy and strength (red)?  Which companies are for creativity and determination (orange)? Which companies promise you happiness and energy (yellow)? Which logos speak of freshness and innovation (green)? Which companies proclaim dependability and stability (blue?)

So what does all of this mean for us as scrapbookers?  Well, a lot. First and foremost, we are storytellers.  We aren’t just slapping a photo on a piece of paper and calling it done. Rather, we are trying to communicate something deeper.  We are trying to tell a story through our photographs, our words, and the paper and element choices we make. In order to tell better stories through our pages, it helps to know a little bit about how color affects us.

  • If you want to scrap a page about some areas of growth in your life, green would be a good choice.
  • If you plan to create a page about the joy your children bring to your life, yellow would be perfect.
  • If you want to scrap about the insane energy levels of your boys, try red.
  • If you want to scrap a page about creativity and determination, orange would be a good bet.
  • If you have a layout about your faith, try blue for the main color.
  • If you want to scrap a page about peace in your life (or your longing for it), white would be a great starting point.

This also can go in the other direction.  If you are like me, you probably have some kits that you bought because you thought they were beautiful, but you don’t know what to do with them.  Why not look at the main colors, determine what they communicate, and then choose a story to tell based on it.

Now look through the layouts you have already created and ask yourself if they communicate through color.


For even more color inspiration, check out these posts:

Designing Your Memories and Communicating With Color
Digi Scrapping Monchromatic Layouts
Color Popping Against Achromatics


Friday treats


Not only have we found all sorts of new goodies to share with you this week, there are even some freebies and coupon codes so be sure to look through the entire post. Lots of treats today!


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Yin has two new sets of ‘Large photo + multiples‘ templates in her store and and a free template of the same style on her blog for readers to try out!

Yin Templates 313 Album Set Preview 1


Fly high with this super fun new kit by Erica Zane at Sweet Shoppe Designs!



Jennifer Labre has a bunch of gorgeous new fall-inspired products out today. Check them out while they are 20% off all weekend or grab the bundle for even more savings!



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New this week from Tracey Monette of Clever Monkey Graphics is Just One More Picture, a fun, versatile kit with picture taking as it’s central theme.



Piccolina Designs has a fun little freebie, Under the Bed.

PD Under the Bed Preview


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onelittlebird-atthelilypad-ad580 (1)


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A new kit from Amanda Heimann – These Words



The Only Natural Layered Album is perfect for the scrapper who wants a unique photo/memory album without all the work!  These pages have a mask that you simply clip your photos to, and my Fragments and some pages also have a few additional elements. You can shift things around to accommodate your photos, and of course add backgrounds or more elements!  The sky is the limit with this album set, keep it simple as is, or add your own touch!



Go to alphas are a staple in every stash, here are two more from Chelle’s Creations that you will love using again and again. On sale this week!



The title graphic was created with Patisserie by Paislee Press and Sugarplum Paperie. Now if I could just download some real cupcakes to eat, my Friday would be complete!

katie big

Bella Gypsy: Long Overdue


I discovered Bella Gypsy a couple of years ago and quietly started stock piling their goodies. Right as I was getting ready to invite them to contribute to The Digi Files, they took a break from designing. I was THRILLED when I discovered they had returned to designing!! I am so happy to FINALLY have Bella Gypsy joining us in The Digi Files this month! I love their contribution and I know you will too!  Let’s take a closer look at “Fall In Love” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!

Here are some layouts created using Bella Gypsy Designs’s contribution:

Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Easy Breezy Part 18 by Busy Bee Designs.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Trilogy templates by Little Green Frog Designs.
Layout by Kimberly M. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Font: This Is Not Goodbye by Kimberly Gershwin.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Stunning Single (template) by Scrapbook Lady; Don’t Be Square (stitching) by Traci Reed; Fonts: CK Mama and The Silver Reed.
Layout by Katie. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Sideways (template) by Scrapbook Lady.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
Bella Gypsy Designs is Lena Gardner and Tabatha Reed. They are sisters, best friends, and business partners. They both live in Central Kentucky. Lena is 32, married, and has 3 kids–Nathan is 12, Naomi is 5, and Parker is 4. She has a furbaby named Gwenny…a 2 year-old Tortoiseshell kitty. Lena is outgoing and the public persona for Bella Gypsy. They both create, but Lena handles the social aspect because Tabatha is very shy! Tabatha is 33, engaged, and has 4 kids–Gabriel is 9, Tristan is 8, Julian is 4, and Sophie is 1. Tabatha has a furbaby named Evie…she’s an adorable 6 month old ginger tabby.






Tabatha–I was inspired because Gabriel is the happiest little guy in the whole world and he does cause happiness wherever he goes! I love it because it is vibrant and fun just like Gabriel! My tip is don’t be afraid to use a busy background…it can really make your page pop!

Lena–Kids grow so fast but occasionally you’ll just capture a picture of one of your children and it hits home how grown they look out of the blue. When I saw this picture of Nathan, I just couldn’t believe how grown he looked and I wanted to capture that moment. My tip is to use Project Life or journaling cards to journal on. I like big, bold backgrounds and it’s not always easy to find a spot to journal on them. When I first started seeing Project Life packs my eyes glazed over because it wasn’t a project I worked on. Then I realized they were just a tabula rasa to use however I wanted to use them!

DesignerLOMay Cause Happiness Bundle by Bella Gypsy Designs available at Gotta Pixel Sequentials 1-4 Set 2 by Cindy Schneider Paint Wash by Julie Billingsley DJB Brittany Script by Darcy Baldwin (Tabatha’s credits )
Love Right Now by Bella Gypsy, Template from Cindy Schneider SSD 2012 Birthday Collab, font is TheFutureFreaksMeOut by Heather Hess (Lena’s layout)

Tabatha started digiscrapping in Fall of 2005. That year at Thanksgiving, she introduced Lena to it as well. A few months later Tabatha started designing, and she remembered from their Thanksgiving visit that Lena had doodles all over her house…she had a wall painted with chalkboard paint and had drawn all over it. So when Tabatha began to design, they decided to pool their talents together and collaborate. Tabatha taught Lena the basics of design, and Lena started drawing, doodling and sketching in between learning the techniques. Back then everything was digital…no extracted ribbons or the like…so they spent hours following tutorials and running filters and actions, and painstakingly extracting drawings that were scanned in.

For Lena, it can be anything she sees. Whether it’s a cool magazine spread, a fun font from a commercial, or a trip to the fabric store. Tabatha’s favorite inspiration is her daughter. After having 3 sons and living in a sea of blue for 8 years, she had a baby girl and boy did the dresses start coming home with her! She’ll come home from a shopping trip inspired…because if you have a beautiful dress, you’re going to need a kit to scrap it with.

Computer: Tab and Lena both bought new computers recently and it was long overdue!
Tab is working on a Toshiba Satellite laptop now, with 1/2 a terabyte HD
and 6 gigs of RAM, and Lena’s working on an HP desktop with a 1TBHD and 8
gigs of RAM.
Program: Lena uses CS5, and works primarily in Photoshop and Illustrator (as the doodley person of the duo). Tabatha uses PSCS5.
Camera: Lena uses a Canon Xsi with 50mm 1.8 that almost never leaves the body.
Tabatha uses a Canon T2 with 50mm 1.4 that almost never leaves the body.
Anything Else: Lena uses a Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Lena and Tabatha have 7 kids between them, and they both have a fun time trying to get good pictures of their children. One tip is to use an assistant…If one person can be tickling the child/getting the child to giggle and smile naturally…the other person can be snapping away. The y use this tag-team approach often at family gatherings to get good photos of their brood.

A good tip for scrapping AND designing is to shut the browser. If you can focus on your work and creativity without being distracted, you’ll have the time to feed your creativity more.

Between Lena and Tabatha, they have FIVE sons…so boy inspiration isn’t hard to come by hehe! They just wanted to create a kit that brought all the colors of Fall along with all the things a boy can get himself into. Whether it’s a pile of dirt, skipping rocks, or finding snakes, we all know a boy who is rough and tumble!


This kit is popular because people enjoy being able to scrap the little moments. Sometimes, at holidays or big events, you get so caught up in the whirlwind of it all, and don’t end up with the best photos. Everyone has the little moments they want to scrap. A sleeping child, a funny story, or a silly moment between siblings. When you create a pretty kit that leaves the scrapper the freedom to use it the way THEY want to, it can be a beautiful thing!


Here are some of my favorite products by Bella Gypsy Designs:





Here are some more inspirational layouts using Bella Gypsy Designs’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






Save 35% off Bella Gypsy Designs’s store with coupon code bg_tdd35.

Go have a look in Bella Gypsy Designs’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Bella Gypsy

The following layouts were created using “Falling In Love” by Bella Gypsy and included in The Digi Files during October, 2012:


Layout by SharonS



Layout by Kim Still


Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Easy Breezy Part 18 by Busy Bee Designs.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Trilogy templates by Little Green Frog Designs.
Layout by Kimberly M. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Font: This Is Not Goodbye by Kimberly Gershwin.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Stunning Single (template) by Scrapbook Lady; Don’t Be Square (stitching) by Traci Reed; Fonts: CK Mama and The Silver Reed.
Layout by Katie. Supplies: Fall In Love by Bella Gypsy Designs; Sideways (template) by Scrapbook Lady.

The Doily Trend


Title graphic made using Restoration by Digital Design Essentials

For the past few months, I have been noticing more and more kits with a doily included in the element pack. It’s such a fun element to use on pages! So, today I thought I’d take you on a tour of some doily products and then show you doilies in action on scrapbook pages.

Let’s check them out!


Gesso Messy! Episode No. 9 Glitter Doilies

Lace Doilies 4 [CU/PU/S4H]

Doily Junkie

Krafty Journaling Cards

Fuss Free: Hello Doily

Mini Doilies by Sugary Fancy

Doily Papers by Sugary Fancy

I’m leaving out kits that just have one or two doilies included because there are so many of them in the stores right now – it would be impossible to highlight just a few!


I found these stunning examples of doilies in use on scrapbook pages. (All pages are linked to their credits.)




Be Happy by Tina Walker

I love how doilies have a reputation for being old-fashioned, but here they are used on modern, fun pages. They’re so versatile!

Have you used a doily or two on pages before? If not, I hope you’ve found some inspiration here today.

Tell Us Your Digital Scrapbooking Story


Anytime I get together with other digital scrapbookers, in real life or online, we tend to share the when and how we got started in digi.  Each of us has our own story of how we found digital scrapbooking and when. It’s something we all have in common no matter where we live, what site we hang out on, or what style we scrap.

We would LOVE to hear your digi stories and share them here on the site and our YouTube Channel!

We are asking YOU to send us a short video telling us your digi story. We will be using them on the site in the very near future for a special event (as long as we get enough videos). I always say “We have the best members and readers!” I believe this to be true, so don’t let me down, send those videos in (please)!

They don’t have to be long, mine (see below) was under one minute! Outside of the beginning two sentences (that we are asking everyone to include), I didn’t know what I was going to say. I recorded once, trashed that one, recorded a second time and kept it. It won’t take long! Use the camera on your computer, the camera on your phone, or just a regular video camera. I know our readers are tech savvy and resourceful! Winking smile

Here’s what we want you to include at the opening of the video:

My name is __________ I’m from ___________ and I love digital scrapbooking. I started digital scrapbooking in _______ (then, tell us how you found/learned digital scrapbooking and why you love it).

You will see below, my video is not perfect. We are not asking for perfect! Please, don’t worry about making it perfect!

Here’s mine:

Some tips for making a great video:

  • turn off the TV, cell phone, regular phone, music, appliances in the background
  • don’t read a script (use bullet points if necessary)
  • clean up your background (any part of the room that will be seen in the video)
  • we want this to help promote the digital scrapbooking hobby in general and therefor are asking you to not include site names, stores, blogs, etc. (thanks).

We need these by October 15th. You can email them (if they are under 20mb), upload to Dropbox and send me a link, upload somewhere else I can download from. Email videos and links to steph (at) thedailydigi.com and put Digi Story in the subject.

My short video was under 1mb, so they should be small enough just to email. They only need to be web resolution (for posting on YouTube and sharing here on the site).  An mp4 is best, if you can chose the format. If you can’t chose the format, send it anyway, and I will do my best!

We will send an e-release form to anyone whose video we plan on using (which will be all of them unless you include something vulgar or not family friendly…haha).

I can’t wait to see and hear your digi stories!

PS image graphics are by Kate Hadfield

Introducing the Designers of TDF#46


I’m so excited about our line up this month! There is sure to be something for everyone in this lineup! We have returning designers and some brand new faces as well as a mix of styles! It’s always fun to see what the designers create for our members each month and this month was not an exception! Here is a look at the designers for October 2012:

Bella Gypsy

Scrappy Creations by Melanie

Kitschy Digitals

Heather Roselli

Studio Flergs

Ya Yeah

Designs by Megan Turnidge

Why don’t we show what’s in the files at the beginning of the month? There are lots of reasons, but the biggest is that our members LOVE the surprise! They have come to trust our quality and they love downloading and unzipping before knowing what’s in there.

Did you know that every single item included in The Digi Files is checked for quality before it’s uploaded for our members? YES! It’s true!

Here’s what our members said in the comments yesterday:

“If anyone is on the fence about a subscription to The Digi Files let me tell you it’s worth the money no matter your subscription type. Try it for a month and I guarantee that you will LOVE it. It’s the best way to find new designers to love, in my opinion because it takes the risk right out of the process. You get access to designers that you may have never found or even thought try. A lot of my favorite designers I only discovered because of The Digi Files. It’s time saver, really, because there’s no need to browse through all the stores and all the designers for one that speaks to you. Steph finds them for you, then puts those downloads and info is one convenient place for a really insanely low price. If you are on a budget like I am, The Digi Files is the absolute best solution for your wallet and your love of digi. You get at least $50 in product, but I think it well over that… so I think everyone should subscribe. :)

… is it tomorrow yet? It’s hard to sleep on Digi Files Eve. I won’t say that I take my laptop to bed with me and set an alarm for midnight, mostly because I don’t fall asleep until after I’ve seen the preview at least…” – Carrie

“Every month I cannot wait to see and download TDD files! I am very happy with gorgeous kits from talented designers & the tips and tricks in the playbook. I’ll say I am a very happy and satisfied member :)
Thank you TDD!” – Helen G.

“September was the last month in my second year of being a digi game subscriber and I am so thankful that I have subscribed (and will continue to subscribe). I love this hobby as a creative outlet and to capture these precious memories of our lives. As my children get more involved in activities it is harder to balance priorities including keeping up with this hobby. The Digi Game gives me all kinds of resources including supplies and advice and information and inspiration to at least get the photo and words put together in some form.” – Michelle VO

Here are the SEVEN random winners selected from yesterday’s comments, each person won $10 in product from one of last month’s designers: Sharon B, Jan in Alberta, Bobbi, Jen L, Amy in TX, Michelle D, Sarah.