Have You Heard About Scrap Stacks? a guide


On October 5, 2012 (yes, just a couple of weeks ago) I got an invite to join Scrap Stacks via Wendyzine. I was puzzled. I hadn’t heard of this site, yet it looked so…established…so polished. “Where have I been?!?” I kept asking myself, wondering how something this big could get by me for so long. I immediately went to work to find out who was behind this innovative and unique site. In my investigation, I found that the domain had only been purchased a month earlier (almost to the date). WHAT?!? “Well, at least I haven’t been totally in the dark, it IS a pretty new site.”

Wendy indicated that Penny Springmann was behind Scrap Stacks. I couldn’t find any information on Scrap Stacks at that time that indicated who owned it. But, I was excited and I knew, whomever was behind it, I wanted them on The Digi Show! I decided to fire off an email to Penny and congratulate her on the site. I figured if she wasn’t behind it, she would probably tell me and if she was behind it, I could work on getting her scheduled for the show. My plan worked (hee hee) and we had Penny join us on The Digi Show this past week.

What is Scrap Stacks?

It looks and feels a lot like Pinterest, but there are some differences. For instance, you can only stack (equivalent to “pin”) your own projects, layouts, tutorials, and products. There are lots of similarities as well, such as, re-stacking being the preferred method to let someone know you like their stuff (instead of commenting). The original artist will know about re-stacking, but will not know about or read comments (unless you track backwards to the original layout).  The comments are left on the re-stacked item, not the original layout that was first posted, so whomever reStacked the layout will be the one to receive the comment (this is just like Pinterest).

Scrap Stacks is a personal scrapbook layout aggregator – Not only can you upload your own layouts from your harddrive to Scrap Stacks, but you can grab links to layouts from your blog, galleries, a team blog, and pretty much anywhere else, no need to upload again. Stacking a layout by grabbing the link from somewhere else, will include all of the credits and text you already posted in the original location (love that).

Being a personal layout aggregator is the brilliant part of Scrap Stacks to me! I don’t have to upload all of the layouts again, I just need to grab the links from the galleries they are already posted in! This is what makes me want to shout from the rooftops about this site! All of my layouts I have ever posted on team blogs, team galleries, The Daily Digi; can theoretically live together in peace and harmony on Scrap Stacks! The best part is the minimal effort involved from me to get them there (remember, I’m lazy)!

What Can Be Posted on Scrap Stacks?

  • your own digital layouts and projects
  • your own paper layouts and projects
  • your own tutorials
  • your own products (personal use only)
  • a limit of 5 new posts per person, per day

You can reStack as much as you want, whenever you want. But loading in your own items, you are limited to 5 a day. We cover the reasons for this on The Digi Show.

Since recording the show last week, Penny already implemented the RSS feature to enable following a user via RSS feed. This was something I was particularly interested in.

Penny said her next big project is to create an app! Smile I will say, that since the site has been built dynamically, it makes it pretty easy to stack from a phone or tablet. I was able to easily reStack several things on my iPhone this morning.

What does it mean to have the site built dynamically? Well, I just learned about this myself when I started working on building CapturingMagic.Me. It means that the site will adjust the layout to fit the device it is being viewed on. It has a look and feel of an app with drop-down menus, scrolling menus, and more. If I am using my phone in portrait mode, I only see one column of images.  If I rotate the device, I see two columns. It’s super cool to watch everything shift and adjust.

Are You Ready?

Scrap Stacks is no longer invite only! You can head over there now and register (which I think EVERYONE should)! Be sure to read their terms of service.

Then, you can follow me and Katie

Here are links to some of our team members stacks:

Wendyzine, Trina, Kimberly K, Ronnie, Kimberly Morris

You can read tutorials on Scrap Stacks about how to:

Set up your profile

Seeing Who Liked and reStacked Your Work

Finding Your Friends

Creating Scrap Stacks

Adding an Image to Scrap Stacks

Be sure to listen to Penny, Katie, Peppermint, and myself share our tips on The Digi Show.