Meet Ronnie

BIO: I’m an English girl living in Texas with two kids, two guinea pigs and a husband for company. We left England when my daughter was 18 months old moving to Germany saying we’d be back in time for her to start school. She’s about to turn 16!

I’m a “Work-From-Home Mum” with a bit more than a part-time job in association management. Not something I planned to do with my life but I enjoy it and it fits in with the family commitments.

Scrapbooking has been my major hobby/stress management tool for over ten years now and I collected a room full of supplies and gadgets before I transitioned to exclusively scrapbooking digitally two years ago. My scrapbooks record my family life “warts and all.” My one rule as far as my scrapbooks are concerned is that I’m the Chief Executive Officer in Charge of my Scrapbooks. So I decide how long to spend on a page, I decide which pictures and I decide what to scrapbook. It’s the one thing in my life I have complete control over.

Templates: As a paper scrapper I loved my sketches and as a digital scrapper I love my templates. 90% of the time I start with a template as I find the blank page stressful. I use them from a variety of designers but love love the ones from Simply Yin for my travel scrapbooking.

Seagate portable hard-drive – I scrap on my laptop everywhere and anywhere so this is a must have.

Persnickity Prints – won’t use anyone else to print my layouts.

Shadows – I have several sets of these which I mix and change. My current favorites are from One Little Bird.
File Save 1 and 2 and the Supply Tracker from SpeedScraps – These are free scripts which I use every time I scrap.

Changes with the wind. I do pages across the spectrum. Although I have to admit to have only having done one fantasy layout.

Cathy Zielske has to be number one idol. She is so down to earth and tells it how it is. Plus I feel connected to her as her kids are the same age as mine and she’s the same age as me. She seems to know just what I’m going through at any one time. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I stalk her!

Since finding The Daily Digi via the Paper Clipping Podcast, I have been an addict. I love love The Digi Files, the Digi Show podcast and feel like Steph, Katie and Peppermint are my scrapbooking buddies. You could of picked me off the floor when Steph said she’d love to have me on the team if I was interested.

This is a hard one as usually its the last one I did. If I had to choose out of the last  20 layouts I did I would say the storyteller one I did. I love this one because it tells why I scrapbook, why the picture of the door without an explanation means nothing and why its important for me to be the storyteller about my past. This has hit home in last few years with the passing of both my parents and their siblings. I have many pictures now without the total story. I thought I had plenty of time to gather those stories but time ran out.

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