Halloween Scrapbooking


Supplies: Witch’s Brew by Heather Roselli

Halloween is such a fun time! The costumes, the candy, the decorations – I love it all.

Let’s take a moment and think about how to photograph and scrapbook this fun day!


Here’s my list of must-take Halloween photos for this year:

  • Each kid in costume – during the daylight and at night
  • The family watching Wizard of Oz (a tradition for us)
  • The house decorated for Halloween
  • The carving of the pumpkin
  • The final pumpkin
  • Roasting pumpkin seeds
  • The best and spookiest houses we come across while trick-or-treating
  • The kids and their candy loot at the end of the night

What’s on your list of photos to take?

Most of these photos are going to be taken in tricky situations (low light, outside in the cold, with kids running this way and that). I’m going to re-read these articles to improve my Halloween photos before the big day:


I love how Halloween kits run from spooky to cute!

Midnight Mischief (Collab with Tangie)

Spookville by Mari Koegelenberg

Happy Halloween

Boo! by Honey Designs

Freakin Adorable Kit with Mari Koegelenberg

Witch's Brew by Heather Roselli

Something Wicked

Midnight Crow Reloaded


something wicked

Spooked by Zoe Pearn


Wow! There are a lot of Halloween kits! I’m so impressed by the selection and variety in elements and colours.

If you want some more Halloween reading, try:

I hope you have fun scrapbooking your Halloween this year!

A Halloween page from my scrapbook:


Supplies: Hallow’s Eve by Jen Maddocks