Photo series


On The Digi Show, Steph has talked about how her Dad has taken series of photos throughout his years of travel. He has chosen themes that are meaningful to him such as empty benches in each place he visits. I love that every bench is placed in the picture with plenty of local background to give context.

Auckland NZ

Concepcion Chile 2



Another series he has collected is his “out the window” shots.


Panama City Bus


Amazing photography! Isn’t it neat how much more powerful these pictures are when they are presented together as a series? It can turn one special photo into a stunning collection!


My Mom lives in New Mexico and takes some amazing pictures of the beautiful southwest doorways in the area. I love all the colors!





Heddy says she loves to take sunset photos and has quite a few of them. Who doesn’t love a good sunset?





My favorite ongoing photo series is a collection of our shadows at various times and places.





I also love to take pictures of feet, especially mine or my family’s feet in different places.



and when a bunch of teenage girls came over to my house, I couldn’t resist getting this shot.



My son Alex falls asleep quite easily so we regularly take pictures to add to the “sleeping in public collection” – lol!



Looks like he comes by it naturally! Winking smile



Christine Newman aka Listgirl has blogged about her husband’s silly eating food pose they have come to refer to as “The Todd Shot”. We’ve even discussed this on The Digi Show before as Peppermint paid a visit to the Newmans in San Diego and even participated in her own version of “The Todd Shot”. Christine has even received pictures from readers who have imitated this pose. That’s the fun thing about photo series – often times you can get others excited about participating as well! I asked Christine and Todd if they would be willing to share a few of his famous Todd Shots here:





Our team had some more fun ideas for series to photograph:

Jacki – My kids play a lot of sports and I’m finding that I’m often taking photos of their shoes. When they’re in a huddle, I just lay my camera down low and snap a photo from the knees down. I’ve ended up with some fun photos that way. My FB cover photo is of my girls wearing converse tennies in front of an old building and I just love it!

Tara – we always do a group shot no matter where we are when we travel…  I just did a photowalk just around my home and photographed the theme of lines.  I’m a lover of architecture so I like to photograph details in buildings, and just signed up for a photo walk in October with 50 other photographers in our city with historical architecture as our theme.  I also seem to do a lot of from where a stand shots.

Kimberly K – I travel for business a lot, which means I visit newspapers all over the world. When I go to a new place, I always take a picture of the sign outside the newspaper. Though people might not be going to newspapers regularly, they could always photograph the same place they go in different cities or countries.

What do you always take pictures of? Have you thought about presenting those photos as a collection on a scrapbook page or in an album? What ideas do you have for an ongoing series to capture? We’d love to know!

katie big

P.S. The font in the title image is MTF Base Outline. Photo by Steph’s Dad.