Inspired by Song Titles and Lyrics



Have you ever used a song title or lyrics on a scrapbook page? It’s one of my favorite ways to get ideas for my pages and I love to use both titles and lyrics on layouts. There are many ways that songs can inspire our scrapping:

Song titles make great page titles!



Jacki got the idea for this layout title from the BeeGee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” With photos of her 40+ yr. old DH surfing with a group of teenagers, she thought it seemed fitting. Winking smile



Sometimes all you need to do is think of a song title to get your journaling wheels turning.



It’s perfectly ok to change the words of a title around to fit your own theme!



You can even reuse the same idea in a different way.



The same goes for lyrics – sometimes they aren’t quite right for your page until you change a word or two. Trina changed this Carrie Underwood song around since her family is not American.



Kimberly K. created her own clever version of Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love and made it into an ode to the iPad. So fun!



Need some ideas for song titles to use as page titles?

  • Try looking through your own playlist. Just read through the titles and make notes of any of them that make you think of a certain memory or some photos. Ask your friends and family members to do the same and brainstorm together.
  • Keep a notebook nearby when you are listening to music and jot down page inspiration as you listen.
  • Use internet search tools. Do a search for all song titles by a favorite artist. Look for songs about the topic you are scrapping – for example; if you are doing a layout about a recent trip to California, search for songs about California.
  • Browse through lists of titles of children’s songs, classic hits, chart toppers, and movie soundtracks for even more ideas!

Just be warned that people might break into song when they see your page! Smile

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was created with Digital Design Essentials Perfect Harmony and Bebas font.