Timeline or passage of time scrapping


Allison Pennington Timeline. Courier New font.


I just love layouts that illustrate a long passage of time or a timeline. Something like your child at many different ages, or a long process like building a house from beginning to end. It’s amazing to take a long journey through time in the space of one page! Here are some favorite timeline layouts to inspire you: (all are linked for credits)

A tree is a beautiful way to illustrate the branches of time!



Even comparing a few years of time in one place can help you see the changes that have occurred.



One of my very favorite scrapbooking themes is the “then and now” comparison!



It’s especially meaningful to make a “then and now” comparison with a child because they change and grow so quickly.



It feels like the grow right before your eyes, and including a yearly photo on a layout is a fantastic way to illustrate the passage of time.


Credits: Capture Me If You Can by Secret Stash, All About Me by Scrap Orchard Designers, Torn Photo Frames 2 and Art Play Palette Ablaze by Anna Aspnes, Haphazard (by Fontologie), My Own Topher and Pea Noodle’s Girlfriends fonts


This approach can also give you a great excuse to scrap some favorite photos from earlier years!



Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to scrapping about children when focusing on the passage of time. I love this layout of a couple from different times in their life together!



Everybody changes over time and it’s important to document that as part of your story.



Ideas for scrapping the passage of time:

  • Gather pictures of the same person or people from different times in their lives
  • The homes you’ve lived in throughout your life
  • Jobs worked at
  • Schools attended
  • Photos from each grade of school
  • Changes in clothing or hairstyles
  • Cars driven
  • Trips taken
  • Same location, different years (Disneyland, Grandma’s house, on your front porch, etc.)
  • One photo from each year of a person’s life
  • Building a house
  • Tracking a big project from beginning to end
  • Major news events from your lifetime
  • Timelines that show life’s events (graduation, marriage, children, grandchildren, etc.)

Time is passing up by each and every day. Don’t forget to scrap it!

katie big

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