Tell Us Your Digital Scrapbooking Story


Anytime I get together with other digital scrapbookers, in real life or online, we tend to share the when and how we got started in digi.  Each of us has our own story of how we found digital scrapbooking and when. It’s something we all have in common no matter where we live, what site we hang out on, or what style we scrap.

We would LOVE to hear your digi stories and share them here on the site and our YouTube Channel!

We are asking YOU to send us a short video telling us your digi story. We will be using them on the site in the very near future for a special event (as long as we get enough videos). I always say “We have the best members and readers!” I believe this to be true, so don’t let me down, send those videos in (please)!

They don’t have to be long, mine (see below) was under one minute! Outside of the beginning two sentences (that we are asking everyone to include), I didn’t know what I was going to say. I recorded once, trashed that one, recorded a second time and kept it. It won’t take long! Use the camera on your computer, the camera on your phone, or just a regular video camera. I know our readers are tech savvy and resourceful! Winking smile

Here’s what we want you to include at the opening of the video:

My name is __________ I’m from ___________ and I love digital scrapbooking. I started digital scrapbooking in _______ (then, tell us how you found/learned digital scrapbooking and why you love it).

You will see below, my video is not perfect. We are not asking for perfect! Please, don’t worry about making it perfect!

Here’s mine:

Some tips for making a great video:

  • turn off the TV, cell phone, regular phone, music, appliances in the background
  • don’t read a script (use bullet points if necessary)
  • clean up your background (any part of the room that will be seen in the video)
  • we want this to help promote the digital scrapbooking hobby in general and therefor are asking you to not include site names, stores, blogs, etc. (thanks).

We need these by October 15th. You can email them (if they are under 20mb), upload to Dropbox and send me a link, upload somewhere else I can download from. Email videos and links to steph (at) and put Digi Story in the subject.

My short video was under 1mb, so they should be small enough just to email. They only need to be web resolution (for posting on YouTube and sharing here on the site).  An mp4 is best, if you can chose the format. If you can’t chose the format, send it anyway, and I will do my best!

We will send an e-release form to anyone whose video we plan on using (which will be all of them unless you include something vulgar or not family friendly…haha).

I can’t wait to see and hear your digi stories!

PS image graphics are by Kate Hadfield