Telling, Collecting, and Sharing Memories with Just Family

The JustFamily Magical Memory Jar

Yesterday, my husband texted me and said, “Do you know about”

“No what is it?”

“A way to share memories with just family. Check it out”

I was all over it like flies on honey! Those of you that have been readers, members, or listeners of The Digi Show for a while know that I have privacy issues. I don’t use my last name online or on The Digi Show…privacy issues.

The first thing to know about is that it is NOT a Facebook replacement or a Facebook wannabe. This really is a tool that is intuitive and makes documenting, preserving, and sharing memories easy. It IS a form of digital scrapbooking (using our definition of digital scrapbooking: memory keeping done using technology).

There is an iPhone app, iPad app, and web app right now with plans of adding an Android app in the next six months. Very soon the web app will be reactive and easier to use on a smartphone.  Signing up is a cinch (which was awesome) and the apps are so intuitive, I didn’t need any instructions or videos to get going.

Here are some of the things I love about this site:

  • Their logo! I summarizes so much about memory keeping!
  • I can share with my family and they don’t need an account. Yes, you read that right! When I share with my family, everything shows up in their email inbox and it looks great!
  • If my family members that don’t have an account want to comment, they just click reply to the email and it gets posted in my memories.
  • I love that when I log in, this is the question I see:


As a passionate memory keeper, that question right there makes my heart sing and sing LOUD!

  • I can organize family members into groups (a group for my little family, a group for my family of origin, a group for my husband’s family of origin, a group for my cousins on my dad’s side, you get the picture.


Here’s a video on how it works:

If you have listened to any of The Digi Shows with Kayla Lamoreaux on, you know that any program you put memories and/or photos into needs to have a “pre-nup” or a way to get everything you have put in back out if you change your mind. Just Family has this. They will soon be implementing collections and tags that you will be able to download to your computer, Dropbox, or any other source for backing up and they will be fully operational from those places and stay in tact.

Are you wondering about metadata?  I was too, so I shot off an email before recording the Digi Show that will release this Thursday (in which I talk about Within a very short time, I had an email from co-founder and CEO Nate Quigley.  With a short answer, his Skype ID, and his phone number. After recording, I gave him a call to verify that when we download these collections with tags will have the tags embedded into the exif data. You know what he said, “We hadn’t thought of that, but after getting your email and discussing it, we think it’s a great idea! Yes, we will be adding that capability!”

My family is excited about this and we will be testing it out heavily over the next week! I can’t wait! Anything that gets my family involved in our memory keeping, is amazing to me (I’ve been trying and failed for years).

During my phonecall with Nate, he asked me to let him know what else we as digital scrapbookers might like to see. So, I’m asking you, go play with it, test it, try it out. What would make it easier for you to use? I was thinking tonight that I would love to set a reminder in the app on my phone to buzz me once a day and ask me “What happened today that you don’t want to forget?” I know I would get warm fuzzies each time I saw it!

What about you? I would love to hear from you on this and the Just Family developers are listening!

PS – This post, like every post on The Daily Digi, is not paid for, does not have any affiliate links, or paid links. I just genuinely love it and think you will too!