So Many Layers!


Title graphic created using I’d Love To by Heather T.

Sometimes I look at a page and think, “Wow! That must have taken forever to put together!” These are the pages with layer after layer of detail, each one perfectly shadowed, creating depth and interest. Here are just a few examples of this style of page:

By chocochoco: There is just so much to see here! The photo tucked into the upper-left is the perfect touch.

By Jiruska: When you study this page, you see element after element. The placement is so amazing and delicate.

By Millu: The depth and shadowing here, combined with the stellar lighting effects make this page a real standout.

By akizo: I am including this page especially to showcase how heavily layered pages don’t necessarily have to be full of flowers. This one is layered with many papers and stitching and it’s amazing!



If you’re like me, all those layers don’t come naturally. Fortunately, there are templates for that! Check these out:

Toxic Generation 2

Tem{plaY}te me vol.1

Cindy's Layered Templates - Set 126 by Cindy Schneider

Recyclables 13


Fuss Free: Banner of Love 3


Do you want to try this style? Here are a handful of ideas about how you can add more items to your pages to achieve the layered look:

  • Frame a photo and then duplicate the photo and frame, layering them on top of each other on a slight angle so that one peaks through from underneath.
  • Double or triple mat items like photos and journaling spots.
  • On each cluster or focal point of the layout, think about using items of varying depths. So, start with items like paint and glitter, then add in paper, photos, labels, tags. Top with ribbon, string, buttons, and puffy flowers. Then go back and move them up and down in the layers palette to get the look you want.
  • Use traditional items in non-traditional ways. For example, empty frames and tags make great layering pieces.