Digital Scrapbooking Trendwatch: Color Photo Overlays


Layout supplies: template KT Scrapbook Lady, kit is Erica Zane, font is Printing Primer and Lobster

I’ve been seeing color photo overlays popping up on layouts all over the place lately. It’s a fun trend and a bit of a different spin on the trend of adjusting your photo colors to match your layout. It’s an easy way to make a photo that has a bunch of colors, less distracting. This photo of my daughter definitely had a big mix of colors that weren’t my favorite for this layout.

There are several ways to get this slightly tinted look to a photo, here’s how I did it…

Change the photo to black and white. I used my RadLab to do this (you can also follow this tutorial):




Put the photo layer above the paper layer and “clip it” by using ctrl+alt+g (in PSCS) OR ctrl+g in PSE. It will look similar to this:


Then, change the opacity of the photo layer to your liking. The lower the number, the more color that will show through.  I changed the opacity of that layer to 70% on my layout:


Here’s a look at the final layout:


That’s it! Super simple!!

Have you seen this trend around lately? Are you going to give this a go on a layout or have you already?