Title Trick


When a kit doesn’t come with an alpha or word art that works with your page, putting together a title requires some creative thinking. Here’s a quick trick to try the next time you need a title. Best of all, the title will perfectly coordinate with the kit that you’re using on your scrapbook page.

Here’s how, step-by-step:

1. Type your title on a blank canvas.


2. Rasterize the text through the Layer>Rasterize menu option.

3. Add a stroke outline to the layer. I used a thickness of 25 pts but you can use whatever works with your font.


4. In the layer palette, right-click on the stroke layer effect and select “create layer”. This will create a new layer based on the stroke layer effect. (The effect will no longer be editable via the layer effects menu.)

Note: PSE users don’t have the option to create a layer, so to get to the same place, simply create your title twice (layered exactly on top of each other), adding the stroke to the bottom layer.

5. Clip papers from your kit to the two layers.


6. Add a drop shadow to the stroke layer.


And there you go!

It would look great on a layout at this point. I like to use this action by Krystal Hartley and WendyZine to add a doodle line effect.


Here are a couple of pages that I’ve done in the past where I’ve used this trick (linked to credits):



It’s a really simple tip for a quick title. I hope you find it useful for those times when you’re stuck for a title!