Tips for eBook Success

Here are some tips for syncing the different eBook types that the Playbook comes in to different devices.

Syncing Apps for Kindle and Nook

Customers can use Calibre and Miro to sync content to their devices.
But, it’s easy to manually copy files as well.


Kindle requires the following files be put into the documents folder:
The video goes into the videos folder and will show up in the gallery
app (not the videos app).

Transferring Content to Your Kindle Keyboard via USB

To install Kindle version in iOS:

(though the iBooks option will workbetter for iPad)

Hook up your iPhone, download the Kindle app from the App store, add
it to the iPhone with a sync, then select the iPhone in iTunes to
manage it. Select the Apps tab in iTunes for the iPhone. Scroll to the
bottom half of the window (below the Sync Apps section) to the File
Sharing section. Click once on the Kindle app in that list and there
will be a Kindle Documents window on the right where one can drag/drop
.mobi files directly into your library.



This should take the Epub straight up.
1. Plug in your USB cable to the nook and then into your USB input on
your computer.
2. The Nook will appear as a device.
3. Find the My Documents folder on your nook
4.Grab, drag and drop the ebook into the My Documents folder AND the video into the Videos folder.
5. Unplug nook from computer
6. On the nook do a Search For New Content. Your new files should show
up in the My Documents folder.
If this does not work, or your Nook will not open the file, you will
have to download Adobe Digital Editions. Do you have Adobe Digital
Edition loaded to your computer? If not download the software here: and activate
it. Open the ebook in DE. Plug your Nook and it should show up in the
software with a prompt to activate your Nook. Now you should be able
to pull the book and drop it in the Nook.


After seeing the significant amount of members that own iPads (from our member survey), I am excited to share with our members that the Playbook is now available in iBooks format! It was a last minute decision and everything quickly fell into place. My programmer worked late into the night and this morning so our members can log into the site on their iPads and have the iBook verion of the Playbook open in iBooks:

You will get a message like this, select Open in iBooks:

Wait a few seconds and the Playbook will show up in iBooks:

In the iBooks verion of the Playbook, you can tap each layout to see it larger (full screen), scroll through images, tap links and have them open in Safari, and watch the video tutorial. It’s really slick!

Once again, we are thrilled to bring you the information you want, in a format you love! A little digital scrapbooking reading for your iPad, Nook, or Kindle! Not bad!