Everyone loves a Friday!


After a mid-week holiday, I’ve been in the mood for a Friday for several days now. Thank goodness it’s finally here! I plan to do some scrapping and shopping today and I hope to inspire you to do the same!

We recorded a new episode of The Digi Show this week with guest Renne Looney. Come listen and find out what we do when our mojo goes bye-bye!


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Liz has a fun new set of templates out. They feature fun big banners and multi-photo spots. They are sure to make some fun digital scrapbook pages!


Kristin Aagard has a new kit in the BYOC at TLP (guest store) this week


Check out this free mini kit from Piccolina Designs


New mix from the Studio Girls at Scrapbook Graphics

Ztampf! Digital Scrapbooking & Craft Elements

Great new road maps from Down This Road Designs

DTRD_Road Maps Vol10

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Have a FUNtastic Friday everyone!

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P.S. The random winner from Dani’s feature was Alyna and the random winner from Anna’s feature was Megan P. Congrats ladies and enjoy your $10 gift certificates!

Anna Forrest Designs: Insert Evil Grin


If you listen to The Digi Show, you know that I think Anna Forrest is a genius! I am always WOWed by her scripts and actions and her contribution to The Digi Files this month is no exception! THIS is the product that has changed my ever-loving-digi-scrapping life!

The Album Builder is a script that will take several folders of photos and journaling (in a text file in the folder) and match them up to quick pages or templates in a different folder.  It will then place the photos on the template, size them to match the photo spots, clip the photos, and add the journaling from the text file to the template, it also makes the title of the layout the name of the folder.

Here’s a video showing the script do it’s thing, see my full tutorial with tips for success using the action here. Note: I did speed this up about double time the script took 30 minutes to scrap the three layouts, but I was working on other things while it scrapped and my program recorded it 🙂 ).

Let’s take a closer look at “Album Builder (for Quickpages)” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN complete products you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!

dotsHere are some layouts created using Anna Forrest Designs’s contribution:

Layout by Wendy. Supplies: Album Builder (for Quickpages) by Anna Forrest Designs; Template by Janet Phillips; Cowboys & Indians (Characters) by Dawn Inskip; Birds of a Feather by Dani Mogstad; Cinnamon Christmas by Studio Rosey Posey; Say It by Faith True; Fonts: DJB First Grade Teacher Print.

Melissa Bennett: Somewhere Over Template by Traci Reed

Layout by Steph. Supplies: Album Builder (for Quickpages) by Anna Forrest Designs; Template by Traci Reed, papers and elements by Julie Melissa Bennett.

Papers by Gina Miller Spudman by Jacque Larsen Font: Cartoonist

Layout by Steph, supplies: Album Builder (for Quickpages) by Anna Forrest Designs, template by Janet Phillips, papers by Gina Miller, Spudman by Jacque Larsen, font Cartoonist


Layout by Steph, supplies: Album Builder (for Quickpages) by Anna Forrest Designs, template by Little Green Frog and Michelle Batton; papers and elements by Dani Mogstad and included in TDF July 2012; font Fontologie Printing Primer

Basic Bio Information: Name, hometown (if you want to share), family, and any other information you want people to know

My name is Anna Forrest – mom to 3 kids and wife to DH of 12 years (Can’t quite believe it has been that long!). We are an international family splitting our time between the US and Australia but currently living in the US. I am a Software Engineer by day and scrapper extraordinaire by night/weekend.






Since we’ve just moved into a new house and I’m faced with all sorts of boring blank walls I wanted to put up some photos I took around Western Australia. I found a tutorial on Pinterest describing how to mount your photos on canvas after printing them on tissue paper. The process looked a bit scary at first but actually it went pretty smoothly. The biggest trick – be VERY careful smoothing down the tissue paper. Once it gets moist with mod podge it is very fragile! I ruined two of my tissue paper prints on the first try. Fortunately it was very easy to recover. While the mod podge/tissue paper was still moist I simply wiped it off the canvas with a damp washcloth and let the canvas dry out thoroughly before I tried again.



Let’s see – in 2005 DD#2 was born. While I was on maternity leave DH thought he’d encourage me to take up a nice cheap hobby so he got me some paper scrapping supplies. Little did he know the monster he created at that moment! *Insert evil laugh here*

Being a computer nerd, the first thing I did when I started paper scrapping was fire up Google looking for things to print and add to my scrapbooks. I was like a kid in a candy store when I stumbled upon Scrapbook Bytes. Since that time I have split my time between digi and paper scrapping. But with 3 kids, digi tends to get a bit more attention just because it is easier to start and stop repeatedly – and without the mess paper scrapping generates. These days I’m always looking for a hybrid project too so I can get the best of both worlds!

Fast forward to the end of 2009 I think… At this point I hadn’t done any scripting – although I knew Photoshop could be scripted, I’d never had a great idea that warranted the learning curve to figure it all out. Wendyzine Scraps provided that seed of inspiration with the idea for her Element Sprayer. I thought that was the best idea I’d heard of in ages and promptly set out to turn her idea into reality.

That first script was a long process – every new version of Photoshop, every operating system – they all had oddities that had to be accounted for. Then I discovered I could get the scripts to run in Photoshop Elements and the fun started all over!

After doing a few scripts for Wendy, I decided to give it a go in my own store. I opened Anna Forrest Designs at PickleberryPop in Feb 2010 and have been there ever since!

Oddly enough, my best inspirations for scripting are boredom and irritation. I like photo editing actions but I find it hard to remember the effect each produces and then visualize that result applied to my current photo – the result was the Preview Maker for Photo Actions. I can see the result of every action in a set on my photo quickly; pick the one I’m after and move on to the fun stuff!

Likewise I did P365 and I wanted each photo framed in a consistent frame with date, title etc. I did about a month’s worth of photos before I gave up – and the Proof Maker script finished them off for me!

Computer: When we moved back to the US I set up a brand new system just for my scrappin’ pleasure. It’s Win 7 64bit, 8GB Ram, with two pretty matching monitors.
Program: I mainly use Photoshop CS5 for scrapping and Photoshop CS3 for scripting. I have, and will occasionally putz around in Illustrator – I mostly use it to make cutting files for my Pazzles. I just got Radlab too – totally love it!
Camera: Pentax K7. Love it. But I really should use it more often. 🙂
Anything Else: I do have a tablet, two actually. I think they’re both wacoms. I used to use it lots but my wrist gets very sore so I had to take a break from it. They’ve never gotten set up since my new system arrived.

If you’re interested in learning about scripting check out the forum ps-scripts.com. These guys are so knowledgeable and willing to help. Even coming from a software development background I still go running to these guys!

I really like to use Alphas on my layouts but it was so tedious and boring to actually assemble them from all the individual letter images so I really couldn’t be bothered to use them much. And I certainly didn’t use them if I wanted a long title! It is a good thing scripts don’t wear out because this one has gotten A LOT of use.

With version 2 of the script – one of my CT members asked if I could modify it so that she could build a title from multiple alphas. I gotta say – that was one of the best ideas I have ever heard!


One of my biggest pet peeves about posting to the galleries used to be writing out every kit I used on a piece of paper as I worked so that I could post credits along with my layouts. I hated having to interrupt the creative flow to do that, but I knew if I didn’t a kits was going to get missed. So I created the Credit Tracker to do all that work for me. These days I’ll even tag each kit I buy with the appropriate credits before I even put it away. That way there is no interruption at all while I’m scrapping.


Here are some of my favorite products by Anna Forrest:
Use Code: DigiFiles20Off for 20% off Anna’s store. Expires Aug 1, 2012.

Go have a look in Anna Forrest’s site! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Anna Forrest Designs Album Builder Script


Would you believe that my computer scrapped ALL of the above layouts (at least what you see done so far on them – photos placed in the templates) FOR ME while I was sleeping!?

Watch it work…

In Anna’s feature, I reference the fact that this script (for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements) has changed my ever-loving-digi-scrapping life and it really has! I ran the script to create seven layouts the first time. Each layout had 10-42 photos on them. I was super impressed with how accurately the script placed the photos into spots, resized the photos, and clipped them. It placed the photos onto the layout as smart objects, so I was able to size them back up if I wanted to move them to a different spot. I scrapped those layouts in about 10 days.

I ran the script again and now have 27 two page layouts ready and waiting for me to add papers, elements, titles, and journaling! Even though the script is designed to be used with quick pages, I have only used it with templates. I love the flexibility of templates and there aren’t too many quick pages that are two page spreads with lots of photos (which is how I scrap these days).

Anna’s scripts all come with PDF instructions and this one also includes a video tutorial, but I wanted to share some tips I learned when I was using and testing the script.


For PSE…


You can see my file path above, but this is the AnnaForrestDesigns folder inside the SCRIPTS folder that you need to copy and paste into the correct location:


In PSE, you have to run the script with an action. So you have to install the action as well. Navigate to the ACTIONS folder, then to the folder of your operating system:


Then navigate to your version of PSE:


Copy the ATN file:


Navigate to the correct folder and paste it there. See the PDF instructions based on your version of PSE to determine where to install.

In PSE 6-10, you will find the actions to run the scripts in the Edit>Guided panel on the right:



You can run the script with the actions or from the File> Scripts> AFD Album Builder in PSCS. I usually just run it from the Scripts menu. For that, you will want to copy the script AND the folder as pictured below:


Paste these into the correct place based on your OS:


Getting Ready

The first thing I did was sort my photos into folders. If you use Lightroom, you can do this by selecting your photos and then choosing File>Export and going through the dialog to export the photos to a folder. I’ve also done the drag and drop method in my folders system.

  • Each folder of photos should be one layout (it can be a one page or two page layout).
  • The folder name will become the title in the layout and the saved layout name.
  • You can add journaling to go on the layout by putting what you want to say in a .txt file, naming that file: journal.

I like to have my layout file names in alpha and/or numeric order so when I upload them to a photobook site, I know what goes where and the layouts all stay in order in my folders. I knew these titles would also become the titles inside on the layouts, but figured I could edit them later:


Here’s my path:


I set up another folder for the templates that I wanted the script to choose from:


I went through each layout folder that contained photos and figured out how many photo spots I would need and then went through my templates in Lightroom that was tagged with that many photos to select my template:


I then right clicked on the template and selected Show in Explorer, it would open the window with the template selected. I copied the template and then pasted it into my template folder I set up earlier.

Then, I created a folder for all of the layouts to be saved to after the script processed them:


Things to note:

  • The script will process everything in the folder that contains your grouped photos. I had originally saved my templates in the “Layouts to process” folder and it tried to put each template on other templates…haha. I made a bit of a mess.
  • Don’t put anything in the layouts folder but the layouts you have grouped into folders.
  • Have the layouts save into their own folder once they have processed.


You will want to open all of the templates you are going to have the script use and check the layer names.


If you have other layer names that include the above words, it will confuse the script. For example, one of my templates had a rasterized layer named ‘title’ and the script kept trying to change the title, but it wasn’t a text layer, so the script would stop. So, take the time and go through the layers and rename them or delete them as necessary. If you don’t have a txt file named journal and there is a journaling layer, the script will just skip it, it didn’t cause problems for me.

Running the Script

Now, you are ready to run the script!


After selecting the script, you will see the following window and you can see how I selected the folders and files based on their locations:


I also selected “Includes Keyword” so the layer didn’t have to have the exact name. I also selected “Preference Exact Number of Photo Positions” because that’s how I had selected my templates (I had tried to select ones that had the photo orientation as well).

Click OK and watch it work its magic! I am now comfortable leaving to do things while the action runs. One night, I set it to run and then went to bed! Smile

Here’s a look at the folder with the completed layouts waiting for my creativity:


Make & Capture Summer Memories Today!


Backyard play by Jady Day Studios. Elise font.

Today is Independence Day in the United States and Americans will be celebrating with fireworks, barbecues, picnics, and social gatherings. What a great day to make & capture summer memories! How about a fun little list to give you some ideas? All items are linked to give you tons of inspiration.

  1. Take pictures of fireworks
  2. Scrap your patriotic celebrations
  3. Do something from your summer bucket list (or make one)
  4. Go on a picnic
  5. Do a video interview
  6. Photograph some silhouettes and practice silhouette photography
  7. Read a book
  8. Use some summer scrapbook prompts
  9. Go to the beach (or plan a future beach trip)
  10. Let the kids take pictures
  11. Serve snacks in a muffin tin
  12. Enjoy a staycation
  13. Try a panning photograph (perfect for races & parades)

Hope you have a happy summer day!

katie big

P.S. Happy winter to our friends in the southern hemisphere! Hope you can find some fun ways to use this list as well.

Skew Transformations


A great way to add some interest to your pages is to take advantage of transformations within Photoshop. Today I’m going to highlight some ways that digital scrapbookers can use the “skew” function. Just like in the title graphic, using skew allows you to create interesting and non-parallel angles.



You can find it in your Photoshop menu here:



Skewing lets you add a slant to an item at its corners:


Read on for a few ways that digital scrapbookers can make use of this function in Photoshop:



For a 5-second change-up, you can take a linear template that you own, select several layers and then use the skew tool to move all the selected layers at the same angles, like this:

Straight: Here’s Janet Phillips’ original template from her Scrap Your Heart Out 5 collection. I’d use this one for a set of portraits, with soft-muted tones.


Skewed: Here I’ve skewed the background papers and then placed the photo blocks on an angle. I’d use this with brighter colours and a set of 4 related “action” type photos.


This is an easy (and free) way to change up something we have in our digital stash and use it again in a fresh way.



For a fun title effect, you can skew text, like this:



Skewed: Wouldn’t this be great in a speech bubble or coming directly out of an extracted photo of somebody yelling?


You could also use it directly on a photo, to place the title “on” a wall or object, like in this tutorial I found.

Tip: To skew text, rasterize the text layer. Rasterizing converts the layer into pixels –  just note that it will no longer editable via the Type tool.



I used the skew tool to create slightly wonky paper strips on these layouts:


(Page is linked to credits)


(Page is linked to credits)



Here I drew a simple set of blocks:


Then, I played with the skew tool a few times:



And then I scrapped!


(Page is linked to credits)


There you have it! The skew tool is so handy. Hope you create some fun and wonky pages! Winking smile

Design by Dani: First Layer of Dots


Dani has been a long time, favorite designer of mine and one of the few designers I’ve met in real life. I was on Dani’s team for a while and loved working with her and her products. I still love everything she puts out and purchase her goodies regularly. When I downloaded her contribution to The Digi Files this month, I couldn’t wait to use it!  Let’s take a closer look at “County Fair” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!

dotsHere are some layouts created using Design by Dani’s contribution:


Layout by Kim L. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Template by Cindy Schneider; Fonts: Pea Bandit and Pea Noodle’s Girlfriend.
Layout by Kimberly M. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Fonts: Teenybopper by Darcy Baldwin.
Layout by Aaron. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Template by Crystal Livesay; Fonts: A Happy Little Font by Darcy Baldwin and Jenn Barrette.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Baby Steps 2 by Tiny Toes Designs.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; The Tattered Pear StoryMappers 3; Micheline Martin Lucky Charms Bubble Stamps; Ali Edwards Happiness brush; The Sketchy Serif font by Heather Hess.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
Hi! My name is Dani and I am a thirty year old work at home mother of two feisty red heads, an eight year old and a two year old. They are my absolute joy and my inspiration. We call the pacific northwest our home. I have a huge passion for scrapbooking and memory keeping and an obsession with photography. I worked in the pre-press department of an on demand printing press before I had my first daughter. After she was born I was a stay at home mom, and I loved it, but I really missed the creative outlet and challenge in my life. I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking and I was instantly hooked. With my years of Photoshop experience it was a perfect fit! I started dabbling in designing in the summer of 2005 and I have only grown in my love and passion for it.

When I am not working at my computer you can find me behind my camera lens or playing with my girls, jumping on our trampoline or just snuggling up for some quality cuddle time! When I am not on Mommy duty I love to read books, catch up on my favorite shows and spend quality time with my friends and family. I love all forms of crafting and scrapbooking and even like to get out the glue and scissors from time to time!





Our family just loves our annual day at the county fair! I am always inspired by the kaleidoscope of lights and colors and just plain fun of the fair atmosphere so I really wanted to create something captured that feel! I am a color addict so I had to use lots of bright vibrant colors and fun vintage inspired images. I added a little more fun and interest to my page by creating some digital confetti. Its a cinch with the help of masks and brush settings in photoshop. Here is how I made it:

(Tutorial image included in Bio File)

Place your chosen paper onto your layout file. Add you desired drop shadow settings. Select all (Ctl+A). Press “d” to set your swatches to the default swatch setting and then hold down alt while you click on the mask button at the bottom of your layers
palette (looks like a square with a circle in it). Your paper will disapear and you will notice a black box icon next to your paper layer in the layers palette. This is your mask.

Click on the layer mask on your layers palette. (Black box next to the image of your layer. Choose the brush tool. Go to Window>Brush. This will bring up your brush settings. Click on “Shape Dynamics.” I entered the following: Size Jitter: 84%,
Min Diameter: 51%. (You can change these up for different effects. Set your brush size to about the size you want your confetti to be and click once to make a dot. Randomly make little dots where you want confetti. The brush will automatically randomly resize for you. You can try this effect with different shaped brushes too for even more fun!

Once you have your first layer of dots, repeat the process with another paper and be sure to overlap your dots so that it looks realistic! That’s it! I like to add a few different pattern papers to really make it look dimensional. Before you know it you will be creating digital confetti all over the place! Its like a party on your monitor and alot less mess than the real thing!

SUPPLIES: County Fair by Dani Mogstad

For me it all started back in highschool, or maybe even earlier than that really! My mom was an avid scrapbooker, card maker and all around crafty gal. My sisters and I would often spend entire afternoons with her making beautiful things and covering our dining room table with glitter, paint, glue, clay or whatever medium we happened to be crafting in. (no joke! Its still sparkly!) Once I got married and had my own baby scrapbooking was just a natural creative outlet for me. I would stay up and scrapbook all hours of the night and fill our tiny apartment with all my paper treasures and doodads :).

In high school I started learning Photoshop and I was in love. I learned all I could and would often spend any spare time I had in the school computer lab. When I graduted from High school my parents bought me my very first copy of Photoshop and I was in heaven :). After high school I went to work in the pre-press department of an on demand printing company. It wasn’t until after my daughter was born and I decided to be a stay at home mommy that I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking. With my years of Photoshop experience and love of design it was a perfect fit! I dabbled in both digital and paper scrapbooking for a few months before I packed up all my traditional scrapbooking supplies and gave them away to be a 100% digi gal. I still like to get out the mess every once and while though :). There is just something therapeutic about making a creative mess!

After being 100% digital for about six months I started dabbling in designing my own scrapbooking products in 2005. Its hard to believe that this was over six years ago! I was instantly hooked on the creative outlet and the rest is history. Since then I have sold at my own store www.designbydani.com, as well as www.sweetshoppedesigns.com. I also have created paper lines for My Minds Eye. I currently just opened my shop at the one and only www.JessicaSprague.com and I am so excited to be working with the amazing team there!

What doesn’t inspire me to create? I love color. Color can set the tone and tell a story so I live for fresh and vibrant color combinations that just beg me to make them come to life. I love vintage illustrations and patterns. I really love to create new and interesting spins on themed kits.

I get inspired by my girls or the places we visit as a family, or the beautiful scenery we have around us in the Pacific Northwest. More often than not my problem is not being inspired, but finding enough hours in the day to create everything that I want to!

Computer: I used to work pretty exclusively on my laptop but have recently gotten a bit frustrated by the speed and limitations. So my hubby being the awesome guy that he is (I love it when he talks hard drives and RAM to me) built me what we affectionately call the BEAST. This computer is massive and is tricked out with 9 TB of hard drive space (I’m just itching to start filling it up!) and 32 G of RAM. I also have dual monitors. You could say I am a little bit spoiled. I have only been working on the new computer for a couple weeks but lets just say I am in love!
Program: Adobe Illustrator is my comfy best friend. I work in CS5 and while I do most of my design work in Illustrator I also work in Photoshop and would be lost without ACDSee.
Camera: I have a Canon 7D.
Anything Else: I have a Bamboo Fun tablet.

Ctrl+Shift+T! This is a handy tip you will love. Once you resize (tranform) an element in photoshop, photoshop keeps that transformation. If you select another element and press ctrl+shift+t it will apply the exact same transformation again to the element selected. This comes in extremely handy when I am scrapping or designing and want to keep elements in proportion or size them to exactly the same size. Try it you will like it!

My favorite kit changes from time but at the moment it is my brand new release, Hometown Proud, which is on sale today only for 25% off. (Offer expires 7-2-12.)

I think it would probably Flying High. I think this kit is so popular because it has great primary colors and is just plain fun to scrap with. It was actually inspired by a creative team members picture of her son joyously flying a kit. I saw the picture and just knew I had to make a kit for it!


Here are some of my favorite products by Dani:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Dani’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






Save 20% off Dani’s Jessica Sprague store with code 20DANIDD. (Valid thru 7/31 only at www.jessicasprague.com.)

Go have a look in Dani’s store! We will randomly select a winner from the comments to win $10.00 in product from her store! (Comments must be posted before midnight EST to qualify)!

Inspired by Dani Mogstad

The following layouts were created using County Fair by Dani Mogstad and included in The Digi Files during July, 2012:


Layout by SharonS
Layout by Kim L. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Template by Cindy Schneider; Fonts: Pea Bandit and Pea Noodle’s Girlfriend.
Layout by Kimberly M. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Fonts: Teenybopper by Darcy Baldwin.
Layout by Aaron. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Template by Crystal Livesay; Fonts: A Happy Little Font by Darcy Baldwin and Jenn Barrette.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Baby Steps 2 by Tiny Toes Designs.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; The Tattered Pear StoryMappers 3; Micheline Martin Lucky Charms Bubble Stamps; Ali Edwards Happiness brush; The Sketchy Serif font by Heather Hess.


Introducing The Designers of TDF#43


Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s hard to believe! I am excited by all of the fun summer kits and colors we are seeing though!

Did you know that ALL of the products included in The Digi Files are brand new, never before released in digi land?!? Many of our annual members were able to start downloading their goodies once the calendar turned to July 1st ET. Our monthly members will start downloading as soon as their payments process through PayPal. Why don’t we show what’s in the files at the beginning of the month? There are lots of reasons, but the biggest is that our members LOVE the surprise! They have come to trust our quality and they love downloading and unzipping before knowing what’s in there.

I am so excited to introduce to you, the designers of The Digi Files #43:

Design by Dani

Anna Forrest Designs
(a script that changed my ever-loving-digi-scrapping life)

Crisdam Designs

Nettio Designs (templates)

enKay Designs

Little Butterfly Wings

Amy Stoffel

As a member of The Digi Game, you get:

  • Try new-to-you designers with a very low risk.
  • Stock up on high quality products at an extremely low price.
  • Get layout ideas for the products included (in the Playbook).
  • Learn the latest digital scrapbooking techniques in the Playbook.
  • Products are automatically added to your account each month, no checkout or PayPal login required

Here’s what some of our members said yesterday in the comments:

So much to love, I’m not sure where to start!  I love the variety in the kits, and how the kits usually reflect what I want to scrap about for that month/season.  I have some kits that I keep going back to again, and again.  I have also discovered so many wonderful designers thanks to The Daily Digi. It is the best scrapbooking deal in my budget! –Sherry

This is my first month subscribing to the Digi Files. I’ve received the newsletter for a while, but finally decided to go ahead and subscribe. I’m very happy with what I received — great value and quality! So many wonderful possibilities! I especially love… the additional coupons from the designers. Amazing! Thank you! – Sabrina

When I place an order for membership I ordered a full year, by mistake.  Steph was very helpful in letting me know how to change my subscription.  I decided to keep the full year (13 months) after receiving my first month.  What a wonderful package!  I have just started digi scraping and am so please to be a member of Daily Digi.  My files are now getting some wonderful packages, the tutorials and The Digi Show are extremely helpful.  Thank you Steph. – Lynda

Here are the random winners selected from yesterday’s comments:

Bonnie Cooper
Kristan W.
Patsy Tabbert
Barbara P.
Julie Rae

Each person won $10 in product from one of last month’s designers!