3 is a magic number


When it comes to design, three is definitely a magic number. There is something aesthetically pleasing in a grouping of three, and you will find examples of this repeatedly in great art, design, and photography.

The Rule of Thirds

Great composition in art and photography starts with the rule of thirds. Using imaginary lines, the image is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The image becomes more powerful when important elements of your composition are placed where these lines intersect.



You’ll find the rule of thirds at work in great pieces of art as well. The The Cliffs at Etretat by Claude Monet is a great example of this composition based on the rule of thirds.

monet thirds

We have several posts here at The Daily Digi to illustrate and explain how to use this rule to improve your photography and layout design.

Three’s Company

In love, two’s company and three’s a crowd, but that’s not true in design. The human eye loves groupings of odd numbers, especially in threes. (All images are linked for credits)

3 photos to illustrate the story




Three Times the Charm

A repetition of three is another hallmark of good design principles.Using the same photo three times is a great way to use emphasis to call attention to the subject.


Repetition is a fabulous design tool to make your layouts stand out. Try using the same embellishment three times for a unified look. This also works well with similar elements such as hearts, flowers, stars, etc. in different colors.


Clustering works best with odd numbers of embellishments and groups of three are especially nice. I love to put together three flowers in a cluster. A set of three word strips together is a great way to tell the story.


Multiplying Three

Repeating groups of three in a mosaic or collage makes for an eye-pleasing arrangement.




Can you see the magic of three? Next time you sit down to create a layout, think about the number 3 and let it guide you to a well-designed work of art. Oh, and if you’re like me, you now have this song going through your head! Open-mouthed smile

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was made with Jady Day Studios’ A Wizarding World kit and the lobster font.