Scrapbooking Details


Here are a few amazing layouts I found in the galleries recently. Can you spot what they all have in common?

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Did you guess? They all have one or more photographs of something little – a detail in an overall scene or a small piece of everyday life.

Scrapbooking something “little” is a great way to capture those small things that are fun to look back on in future years. These are the pages that start conversations like, “Hey! I remember that ugly sofa!” or “Ohhh, that was the best cheesecake ever!”. I am not the greatest about capturing every birthday party or scrapbooking the full story of each holiday celebration, but I do like to scrapbook small moments and details.

I’ve also found that when my scrapbooking inspiration/motivation is running low, scrapbooking a photo of something small can be easier than trying to tackle scrapbooking a big event.


Now that I’ve been a scrapbooker for a few years,  I can see that my photography style has changed. I take (a lot) more photos and many of them don’t have any people in them – they’re of things and the environment. In a past post, I’ve shared my thoughts on what I think about when I want to photograph an event or activity:

  1. First, I think about the wide-angle shots that will set the scene. Where is the event? Who is there? I like to capture the “big picture”.
  2. Next I think about those little details that are key to the overall event.
  3. Lastly, I try to image the “action” moments that I will want to be ready for to capture.

Here are a few examples of how the “little details” really add up:

Finding Details in Big Days: We recently went to the museum to see a new dinosaur exhibit. Photos of everybody in front of the dinosaurs would have been enough to capture the event, but having photos of individual dinosaurs and close-ups of the kids doing things (like touching video screens and ‘digging’ for bones) adds context:

(excuse of the bad lighting!)


Photographing Details in Everyday Moments: We like to go for walks as a family. The main photo of my son and husband is the one that speaks most clearly to the theme of “family walk”, but adding in some small details like the texture of the tree bark, a park sign and a plant on the path helps to recreate the environment we were in:



So what are some of the “little details” you could photograph and scrapbook? How about:

  • Your wedding rings – Why did you pick them? What do you think about when you look at them?
  • Your favourite flowers in your garden – Why are they your favourite? When did you plant them?
  • Your current place settings – Is this your wedding china? Do you have an everyday set? What does mealtime mean in your family?
  • The one spot in your house you love to be in the best – What makes this spot your sanctuary?
  • A recent movie ticket – What did you think of the show? How often do you go to the movies?
  • Your everyday summer “uniform” – What do you love to wear in the summertime?
  • Your camera (May need a second camera to photograph your main camera though!) – Do you remember your family’s camera when you were growing up? How often do you use your current camera? Is this as often as you’d like to use it?
  • The tools needed for your least favourite chore (mine would be a vacuum cleaner!) – Why do you dislike this chore? How do you feel when this chore is taken care of by somebody else for you?
  • One shelf of your books – What does your book selection say about you?

As you go about your day, think about what you could photograph and document. I think you’ll see that there is so much “in the details” of life that can be captured in your scrapbooking.

Happy scrapping!