Nettio Designs: California Girl At Heart


Nettio has been a well-loved scrapbooker for a long time and scrappers everywhere were dying to get their hands on some Nettio templates. Many, many scrappers were singing hallelujah when Nettio started selling her own layout designs in templates. Lynette has a really strong eye for great design that can be seen not only in her layouts, but everything she does! I’m so happy to welcome back Nettio to The Digi Files this month! Let’s take a closer look at “Paper-Lovin’ Vol. 1 Templates” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


This is ONE of SEVEN collections you get when you become a member of The Digi Game this month. You also get an interactive Playbook (in PDF and iBooks formats) that has lots of ideas for using the supplies including techniques, tips, and tricks! All of that, including access to exclusive collaborations every four months you are a member, for only $7.50 total per month!

dotsHere are some layouts created using Nettio Designs’ contribution:

Layout by Kim L. Supplies: Paper-Lovin’ Vol. 1 Templates by Nettio Designs; Happiness Is by Zoe Pearn; Fonts: ITC American Typewriter (title) and CK Ali’s Hand (journaling).
Layout by Aaron. Supplies: Paper-Lovin’ Vol. 1 Templates by Nettio Designs; Strawberry Fields by Jenn Barrette; Apple of My Eye Alpha by Micheline Martin; String Me Along by Zoe Pearn.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: Paper-Lovin’ Vol. 1 Templates by Nettio Designs; Aloha Sunshine by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Zoe Pearn.
Layout by Lauren. Supplies: Paper-Lovin’ Vol. 1 Templates by Nettio Designs; Wesley by The Ardent Sparrow; Perky Alpha by lauren Reid.
Layout by Heddy. Supplies: Paper-Lovin’ Vol. 1 Templates by Nettio Designs; Here Comes Trouble by Traci Reed and Tracie Stroud.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
Name: Lynnette Penacho
Hometown: Wherever the Army sends us – right now it’s San Antonio, TX. I’m a California girl at heart though. : )
Family: Married to my husband Adam for 6.5 years, no kids or pets






Back in May I turned 30, so the day before I decided to make a layout documenting my favorite at 29. I’ve done a lot of faves layouts or the years (my first was at 25!) so this one is especially special to me as it was my final faves layout of my twenties. I love creating faves layouts because they’re such an easy way to get yourself into your scrapbooks and capture a snapshot of your life at that moment. And really, anyone can make a list of what they love, right? Plus it’s so fun to look back at past lists and see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.


Credits: Apple of My Eye by Jenn Barrette & Micheline Martin Messy Scallops Clipping Masks by Misty Cato Oodles of Tags by Julie Billingsley Delightful alpha by Zoe Pearn U See Through Me alpha by Penny Springmann Mini alpha from One for the Boys by Zoe Pearn Teeny Type alpha by Zoe Pearn (retired) Stitching all by Anna Apnes Fonts are American Typewriter and DJB 4 Lynnette by Darcy Baldwin

I discovered digital scrapbooking in January 2006 when I stumbled across one of the all-digital special issues of Simple Scrapbooks magazine in a store on our local military base. At the time, Adam and I had just gotten married and were stationed in Seoul, South Korea. As you can imagine, job options for me were quite limited so I was desperately looking for a way to entertain myself during the long hours Adam worked on the military base. I had studied graphic and interior design in college and had spent two years as a layout artist for my university newspaper so I’m pretty sure it was like a heavenly chorus of angels appeared when I starting flipping through the magazine and realized there was a way to combine my love of computers and design with personal stories. In the back of the issue there was a list of digital scrapbooking websites and I found my way to Scrapbook-bytes and The Digi Chick where I basically lurked for a few months soaking everything in and brushing up on my Photoshop skills. I created my first layout in April of 2006 and the rest, as they say, is history.

My heart has always been on the storytelling side of scrapbooking so I’ve always known that I didn’t want to get into designing in the traditional sense of designing kits. Plus given that I’m a really slow scrapbooker, I knew if I took up designing I’d never get another page made again, haha. But as templates became more and more popular, I started receiving requests to turn my own layouts into template designs and since I create my layouts the same way you would a template anyway, it seemed like a logical step to take. I originally started selling my templates at my own shoppe, Nettio Designs but I am now selling my templates at Sweet Shoppe Designs as well.

Oh gosh, so many things! I love bold graphic design, repeating shapes, gorgeous patterned papers, an awesome image on Pinterest. But at the heart of what I do, it’s about the story. I love being able to combine design with the stories of my life. That to me is totally inspiring.

Computer: I’m currently designing on a 2008 Mac Book Pro which is very much in need of an upgrade at this point. The 4GB of RAM just isn’t cutting it anymore and my poor harddrive is stuffed to the brim. Hopefully by the time this feature goes live, I’ll have a new shiny replacement in my hot little hands, haha.
Program: I use Photoshop CS3 for designing and scrapbooking and Apple Aperture for editing all my photos. Occasionally I use Adobe InDesign for book-centric projects like my Week In the Life album.
Camera: I’m kickin’ it old-school style with a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I also use the camera on my iPhone 4S a lot too.
Anything Else: Nope, just me, my Mac and my iPhone, hehe.
As a template designer, my best tip is to not be afraid to embrace your scrapbooking awesomeness and make the templates your own! Spin ’em, flip ’em, add or remove elements so that your finished page reflects YOU.

You know asking a designer to choose her favorite product is like asking someone to choose their favorite child right? This was tough but I’d say my favorite new release since I moved to the Sweet Shoppe would have to be Geometric Vol. 1. I’m such a sucker for shapes so I absolutely loved how this set turned out. In my mind you can never have too maybe shaped spots for patterned paper!


Surprisingly, my most popular product since I started selling at the Sweet Shoppe has been my Instagram-inspired Photogram 2×2 templates. This was actually inspired by a request from one of the other designers at the Sweet Shoppe and since I love squares, I thought it would be fun to do my take on the topic. Even though I wasn’t previously a huge Instagram user, I ended up loving these templates so much that I created a second set called Insta-love.


Here are some of my favorite products by Nettio Designs:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Nettio Designs’ products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






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