Design by Dani: First Layer of Dots


Dani has been a long time, favorite designer of mine and one of the few designers I’ve met in real life. I was on Dani’s team for a while and loved working with her and her products. I still love everything she puts out and purchase her goodies regularly. When I downloaded her contribution to The Digi Files this month, I couldn’t wait to use it!  Let’s take a closer look at “County Fair” that is included in The Digi Files this month:


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dotsHere are some layouts created using Design by Dani’s contribution:


Layout by Kim L. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Template by Cindy Schneider; Fonts: Pea Bandit and Pea Noodle’s Girlfriend.
Layout by Kimberly M. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Fonts: Teenybopper by Darcy Baldwin.
Layout by Aaron. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Template by Crystal Livesay; Fonts: A Happy Little Font by Darcy Baldwin and Jenn Barrette.
Layout by Trina. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; Baby Steps 2 by Tiny Toes Designs.
Layout by Melissa. Supplies: County Fair by Design by Dani; The Tattered Pear StoryMappers 3; Micheline Martin Lucky Charms Bubble Stamps; Ali Edwards Happiness brush; The Sketchy Serif font by Heather Hess.

You can see more layouts created with this kit on our “Team Inspiration” page.
Hi! My name is Dani and I am a thirty year old work at home mother of two feisty red heads, an eight year old and a two year old. They are my absolute joy and my inspiration. We call the pacific northwest our home. I have a huge passion for scrapbooking and memory keeping and an obsession with photography. I worked in the pre-press department of an on demand printing press before I had my first daughter. After she was born I was a stay at home mom, and I loved it, but I really missed the creative outlet and challenge in my life. I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking and I was instantly hooked. With my years of Photoshop experience it was a perfect fit! I started dabbling in designing in the summer of 2005 and I have only grown in my love and passion for it.

When I am not working at my computer you can find me behind my camera lens or playing with my girls, jumping on our trampoline or just snuggling up for some quality cuddle time! When I am not on Mommy duty I love to read books, catch up on my favorite shows and spend quality time with my friends and family. I love all forms of crafting and scrapbooking and even like to get out the glue and scissors from time to time!





Our family just loves our annual day at the county fair! I am always inspired by the kaleidoscope of lights and colors and just plain fun of the fair atmosphere so I really wanted to create something captured that feel! I am a color addict so I had to use lots of bright vibrant colors and fun vintage inspired images. I added a little more fun and interest to my page by creating some digital confetti. Its a cinch with the help of masks and brush settings in photoshop. Here is how I made it:

(Tutorial image included in Bio File)

Place your chosen paper onto your layout file. Add you desired drop shadow settings. Select all (Ctl+A). Press “d” to set your swatches to the default swatch setting and then hold down alt while you click on the mask button at the bottom of your layers
palette (looks like a square with a circle in it). Your paper will disapear and you will notice a black box icon next to your paper layer in the layers palette. This is your mask.

Click on the layer mask on your layers palette. (Black box next to the image of your layer. Choose the brush tool. Go to Window>Brush. This will bring up your brush settings. Click on “Shape Dynamics.” I entered the following: Size Jitter: 84%,
Min Diameter: 51%. (You can change these up for different effects. Set your brush size to about the size you want your confetti to be and click once to make a dot. Randomly make little dots where you want confetti. The brush will automatically randomly resize for you. You can try this effect with different shaped brushes too for even more fun!

Once you have your first layer of dots, repeat the process with another paper and be sure to overlap your dots so that it looks realistic! That’s it! I like to add a few different pattern papers to really make it look dimensional. Before you know it you will be creating digital confetti all over the place! Its like a party on your monitor and alot less mess than the real thing!

SUPPLIES: County Fair by Dani Mogstad

For me it all started back in highschool, or maybe even earlier than that really! My mom was an avid scrapbooker, card maker and all around crafty gal. My sisters and I would often spend entire afternoons with her making beautiful things and covering our dining room table with glitter, paint, glue, clay or whatever medium we happened to be crafting in. (no joke! Its still sparkly!) Once I got married and had my own baby scrapbooking was just a natural creative outlet for me. I would stay up and scrapbook all hours of the night and fill our tiny apartment with all my paper treasures and doodads :).

In high school I started learning Photoshop and I was in love. I learned all I could and would often spend any spare time I had in the school computer lab. When I graduted from High school my parents bought me my very first copy of Photoshop and I was in heaven :). After high school I went to work in the pre-press department of an on demand printing company. It wasn’t until after my daughter was born and I decided to be a stay at home mommy that I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking. With my years of Photoshop experience and love of design it was a perfect fit! I dabbled in both digital and paper scrapbooking for a few months before I packed up all my traditional scrapbooking supplies and gave them away to be a 100% digi gal. I still like to get out the mess every once and while though :). There is just something therapeutic about making a creative mess!

After being 100% digital for about six months I started dabbling in designing my own scrapbooking products in 2005. Its hard to believe that this was over six years ago! I was instantly hooked on the creative outlet and the rest is history. Since then I have sold at my own store, as well as I also have created paper lines for My Minds Eye. I currently just opened my shop at the one and only and I am so excited to be working with the amazing team there!

What doesn’t inspire me to create? I love color. Color can set the tone and tell a story so I live for fresh and vibrant color combinations that just beg me to make them come to life. I love vintage illustrations and patterns. I really love to create new and interesting spins on themed kits.

I get inspired by my girls or the places we visit as a family, or the beautiful scenery we have around us in the Pacific Northwest. More often than not my problem is not being inspired, but finding enough hours in the day to create everything that I want to!

Computer: I used to work pretty exclusively on my laptop but have recently gotten a bit frustrated by the speed and limitations. So my hubby being the awesome guy that he is (I love it when he talks hard drives and RAM to me) built me what we affectionately call the BEAST. This computer is massive and is tricked out with 9 TB of hard drive space (I’m just itching to start filling it up!) and 32 G of RAM. I also have dual monitors. You could say I am a little bit spoiled. I have only been working on the new computer for a couple weeks but lets just say I am in love!
Program: Adobe Illustrator is my comfy best friend. I work in CS5 and while I do most of my design work in Illustrator I also work in Photoshop and would be lost without ACDSee.
Camera: I have a Canon 7D.
Anything Else: I have a Bamboo Fun tablet.

Ctrl+Shift+T! This is a handy tip you will love. Once you resize (tranform) an element in photoshop, photoshop keeps that transformation. If you select another element and press ctrl+shift+t it will apply the exact same transformation again to the element selected. This comes in extremely handy when I am scrapping or designing and want to keep elements in proportion or size them to exactly the same size. Try it you will like it!

My favorite kit changes from time but at the moment it is my brand new release, Hometown Proud, which is on sale today only for 25% off. (Offer expires 7-2-12.)

I think it would probably Flying High. I think this kit is so popular because it has great primary colors and is just plain fun to scrap with. It was actually inspired by a creative team members picture of her son joyously flying a kit. I saw the picture and just knew I had to make a kit for it!


Here are some of my favorite products by Dani:






Here are some more inspirational layouts using Dani’s products. All of the layouts are linked to the originals with credits.






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