Fifteen Favorite Free Fonts for Scrapbook Page Titles

My favorite title trick is to use a fabulous font that finishes off the page with a flair. When I look for fonts to use for title work, I prefer bolder fonts with a little visual weight to them. It’s also important that they go with the general feeling of the page and work well with my journaling fonts. I’ve shared some of our favorite title fonts in a previous post, but I’ve found some new ones in the last few years that have made regular appearances on my layouts. Not only are all of the following fonts great for titles, they are also all FREE! I’m sure you’ll find at least a few that will become part of your title making toolbox!


Here are the links to each font:

  1. Fenwick Outline
  2. Sketch Block
  3. Elise
  4. Café Rojo
  5. Seaside Resort
  6. Traveling Typewriter
  7. Pacifico
  8. Howser
  9. Too Much Paper
  10. Milk & Cereal
  11. MTF Base Outline
  12. Lauren Script
  13. Airplane
  14. Harlow Solid Italic
  15. Ostrich Sans Rounded

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What are YOUR favorite title fonts? We’d love to know! It doesn’t matter if they are free or paid fonts, just leave us the font name (and link if possible) in the comments. Fonts are SO much fun!

katie big