A simple way to say “I love you”


I’ve never liked no-bake cookies, even as a kid. In my adult years, I have developed an allergy to oats (they really hurt my tummy) so I have no interest in these cookies at all. My husband loves oats and these chocolate oat no-bake cookies are his very favorite. Because I can’t eat them, I never make them – hey, if I’m going to cook, I should at least get to eat the results, right? I decided that whipping up a batch of these treats for my hubby would be the perfect Father’s Day gift so he has a big plate of them to enjoy today.

I could have bought him a gadget, or tried to pick out a tie for him. Events like Father’s Day aren’t budget-breakers for us now that we are in the “middle ages” of our lives. There were days when all we could afford to give each other would have been a plate of cookies. The nice thing about a gift like this price doesn’t matter. Whatever your budget is, when you choose to give someone a little gift of service (cookies, a favorite meal, a backrub, doing their chores for a week, etc.) you show them that you are willing to give of yourself to show love for them. I think those are the very best kind of gifts to give and to receive.

So if you want to make someone’s day special, try whipping up a treat that’s just for them. Or maybe you can watch their favorite movie with them, or help them do something off of their bucket list. Everyone really appreciates knowing that they are important and loved. Sometimes all it takes to show them how much you care is a simple plate of cookies!

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