Photo Date and Journaling Date


One of my favorite things about scrapbooking is that I can document memories that happened yesterday, or years (or even decades) ago. I don’t have to limit myself to current photos when I’m creating a page, and I can even write about events that happened way back in the past. I scrapped this layout about May of 2007 in the summer of 2011. There was no need to explain in the journaling that this page was not actually created in May of 2007. I was able to recall the events of the photos by looking at them and reviewing my roundup from that month. All I needed was a date that documented when the photos were taken.


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For this layout, I used details I had recorded in my son’s baby book and the date on the back of the pictures I took. This page documents a specific day in October of 1993. It is unimportant that I created this layout only a few weeks ago. No one needs to know that the journaling for this 1993 memory was done in 2012.


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There are times when I do include both the photo date (or date of the memory) AND the date of the journaling on a scrapbook page. I find this is especially useful when writing about a memory that has an unclear date. When Kimberly had us scrap her childhood feelings about her sister for a play it again feature, she included an approximate date range of the picture and then jotted down the date that she wrote out her journaling.


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Another reason why I like to include a journaling date in addition to the date of the memory is because it illustrates a change in perspective or feelings of reflection. My thoughts on my own mother in this photograph are based on the experiences I’ve had in my life up to this point. I would not have been able to do this type of journaling about this picture when I was a teenager. By including the journaling date, the reader can understand that I was a grown woman when I wrote about this moment.


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A simple note to mark the date that the journaling was written can add a lot of information and depth to a story. Next time you add a date to a layout, take a minute to consider if it might be worth adding the date that you journaled the memory as well.

katie big

P.S. The title graphic was made with 365 date stamps from Wild Blueberry Ink