A Scrapbooking Break


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A few weeks ago, my external hard drive stopped working properly. This is the drive where I store all of my photos and scrapbooking supplies. Fortunately, I use an online back-up, so my files are in the process of being restored.

So, what is a scrapbooker to do without her scrapbooking supplies and photos? It turns out there are a lot of ways to stay connected to scrapbooking, without actually creating pages.

Read a Good eBook

I picked up a couple of interesting eBooks about scrapbooking.


I purchased Scrap Your Real Life by Kristin Rutten at Log Your Memory.

Scrapbook Your Real Life Stories is here to help you find the focus you need to capture your real life stories. In each of eight theme-based chapters, you’ll find thought-provoking questions, journaling prompts, photo ideas, suggested scrapbooking approaches and sample layouts all centered around specifically chosen themes designed to help you capture your everyday real life. Each of those themes is broken into five simple steps and presented in a workbook-style format to guide you through the process.

I also picked up Everyday Storyteller edited by Jennifer S. Wilson.

Everyday Storyteller contains eighty one pages full of tips from scrapbookers like you. You will find incredibly useful approaches straight from the minds of our contributors, techniques they use every day to be productive and happy scrapbookers. Organized according to the phases of memory keeping, the book offers simple ways to improve your entire scrapbooking process.

I have only just skimmed the surface of both these books, but already I’m getting lots of great scrapbooking ideas! I purchased the PDF version of each book and I love (love!) having them on my eReader to take with me wherever I go.


I spent a lot of time hanging out on Pinterest, noting the amazing layouts being shared there. Naturally, I added quite a few to my inspiration list!

(Did you know that the Daily Digi is on Pinterest? You can find TDD’s pinboards here.)

As a side note, The Digi Show recently had a great podcast about the impact that Pinterest has on scrapbooking.

Take a Class

I didn’t actually take a class, but I did spend some time going through the course materials for classes that I have taken in the past and wanted to revisit.

If my “scrapbooking break” were planned as opposed to being unintended, I would have registered for a class, for sure! I’m already trying to research which class I’ll take this summer.

Catch Up On The Digi Show

I was a couple of episodes behind on The Digi Show, but now I’m all caught up!

Update My Story List

Katie did a post about her story list back in January and it changed my life! She took 20 minutes to brainstorm a list of family stories that she wanted to tell:

I bet if you set a timer for a 20 minutes that you would find you have a lot of stories inside of you as well. Think about the little moments worth remembering. Reminisce about inside jokes, things that make you smile, and the kind of memories you swap around the kitchen table when you get together with friends and family. Make a list and keep it somewhere near your scrapping supplies. Don’t worry that the items you want to share might be small or uninteresting – I promise you that they are meaningful and worth sharing. YOU have stories to tell!

There are so many inside jokes, funny expressions, and misadventures that need to be captured. I followed Katie’s advice and now I keep a running list on Google Drive (which used to be Google Docs) so that I update the list as I need to (and cross items off as they’re scrapped).

Take More Photos

I got out my camera and took a ton of photos. Unfortunately, my children don’t often hang out in the golden hour before sunset, so I’m trying to learn to take better photos in the blazing afternoon sun or deep shade.

Read Scrapbooking Blogs

I use Google Reader to organize all my blogs. For scrapbooking inspiration, I follow a number of designer blogs, store blogs and scrapbooker blogs.

I took some time these past few weeks to follow more scrapbooking blogs and sort them into categories to make following them all easier. There is so much inspiration out there!


I can hardly wait to have all my scrapbooking supplies and photos set up again so that I can scrap!

It goes without saying that I hope that none of you lose your photos or scrapbooking supplies. I do hope that you will find some of the ideas in this post useful on your next vacation though. Smile

PS – As always, no affiliate links were used in this post.