Wooden Paper


Title graphic supplies: The Daily Digi member exclusive kit My Life At Home; font is Courier

In the April 2012 edition of The Digi Files, designer Krystal Hartley included a kit with an awesome wooden paper, which I used on one of my layouts:


I hadn’t experimented with wooden paper backgrounds very much before but I love the look when I see pages featuring them in the galleries. Realistic wooden backgrounds are a great complement to digital elements and the faux-wood doodled backgrounds are a fun choice for lively layouts.

I found some stunning examples in the galleries of these wooden papers in action:


Enjoy by editorialdragon


The paint splattered on the wood and the sort of haphazard cluster of papers and elements make this page look casual and almost accidental, even though it is artfully arranged.


Ahh by mrs_jb


Doodled wooden paper backgrounds are a fresh and fun take on the wooden page trend. I love how the wood lines add a sense of movement and fun to this adorable page.


Sweet Sadie by celeste


It looks like celeste could have placed her notebook (with the cute dog photo) and set it on the ground and taken a photo of it. This page has such a great realistic feel to it.


Puddle Jumper by ashleywb


I love how the wooden background here is so subtle, allowing the papers and words to be the stars.


Spent Many Happy Hours by chocochoco

The wooden paper background is here, but it is mostly covered. It makes the perfect neutral background for this elaborately layered design. Stunning!


Life Is Like a Rodeo by editorialdragon

Isn’t this one cool? I love how the industrial staples really look like they could be going into the wood below.


All of the layouts above are linked to their credits.

There are many, many kits available in digi stores that have one or two wooden paper backgrounds included. Here are a few products that are focused on these papers:

Woodgrain Papers

CU Woodgrain

Sunday Girl: Painted Wood

Doodled WoodGrain (CU) by Lauren Grier

For The Love Of: Woodgrain by Kristin Cronin-Barrow


I hope that you found some inspiration for using wooden paper backgrounds! Is this a trend that you’ve tried? We’d love if you’d share a link to your pages as additional inspiration for readers. This is such a fun trend!