Using a smartphone to make more time (and material) for scrapping

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When I can do more on the go with my smartphone, that frees up my time on the computer for digi scrapping! One of the best thing about phone apps is that they let you do complex tasks while you are using your phone.

When I’m waiting to pick up my daughter from class she takes outside of our home, I end up with small blocks of time ranging from 5-15 minutes. When I’m sitting in a doctor’s waiting room I can usually find at least 10 minutes of time. I used to read magazines in the doctor’s office and sometimes I had a few stashed in my car. That was all before I carried a smart phone. Now I kind of get excited when I have a few minutes of waiting time that I can use to catch up on things with my phone.

I seem to always start with my email. I really don’t like it when there’s a red number next to the mail icon so I like to get rid of it by reading my messages. I get a lot of email! Here’s a link to a post I wrote explaining how I deal with my ever-overflowing email inbox. I love powering through emails I don’t need to answer when I’m on my phone. I usually leave the ones where I need to respond with more than one sentence until I can work at my laptop. All no response or short response emails are processed with my phone when I have a few spare minutes.


I like to check in on my calendar for the day and be sure I’m remembering everything I have scheduled. I also like to look ahead to the next few days. I use Google calendar for everything, even to keep track of blog posting schedules.


My next order of business is managing any photos I’ve taken recently with my phone. I have a few favorite apps that I seem to always come back to. We’ve either written about most of these apps here or talked about them on The Digi Show so I’ll link up to all those references for each app. This is one of the best things about having a smart phone – you can take, edit, and upload pictures wherever you are!


Photos – comes with the iPhone and the app I use the most because I like to do the simple auto-enhance fix on all my photos. This is the way I edit most of my phone photos because it’s quick and easy! I only use the other editing apps if I have a little more time.


Photo 365 – I love this app (thanks to Steph!) for keeping track of my daily photo project. I add the photos to the calendar in this app whenever I have some time with my phone. At the end of the month, I upload the entire calendar image to my Flickr account.


FlickitPro (the free version is also good) – I’m constantly uploading my phone photos to my Flickr stream with this easy-to-use app. I love to get them on Flickr as soon as possible so I have a backup, and so I can share them with my friends and family.


Flickr – I use this app for browsing through my own photos as well as keeping up with what my contacts are sharing. See my post about Flickr to find out why I love the place so much!


Snapseed – a favorite app of mine for when I want to get creative with my photos. I talked about Snapseed in this episode of the Digi Show because it’s one of my go-to editing apps.


Camera+ is another favorite app for editing and creative filters. I’m constantly trying to decide if this or snapseed is my favorite one for filter effects. I guess it’s a tie!


Instagram is a new addiction for me. I love to turn photos into quirky little instagram squares and share them in my instagram feed. I also can upload them directly to Flickr (or a variety of social network sites) at the same time. I love the interaction from other instagram users and I get so much inspiration from the photos I see there!



Incredibooth is an app that I use when I’ve got my phone and a few minutes to capture a fun memory. My son and I like to play around with it when we are waiting in the car for my daughter.


Notica is an app that I found because of a listener pick from this episode of The Digi Show and I use it all the time now!


I like that I can generate journaled images to use later on for blog posts or scrapbook pages.


After I tackle my photo-related projects on my phone, I give myself permission to do more of the “time hog” type of activities if I still have some time to spend. This is when I delve into facebook, pinterest, hootsuite (twitter), and catching up on blogs with feedly. If I started with these activities during my waiting times, I would never get around to the photo editing and uploading. I don’t feel like I’m wasting time to use these apps because I’m able to gather a lot of inspiration, ideas, and keep in touch with people I care about. I do feel like it’s easy to spend too much time in these apps though so I’m glad that I make myself work through email, calendar, and photo management first. Also, when I use these apps on my phone instead of my computer, I always spend less time. It’s too easy to sit at the computer and hang out on Twitter or Facebook for long periods of time and I’d rather use the time on my laptop for scrapbooking.


Of course, I can do even more cool things on my phone like; exploring Daily Digi inspiration, reading, listening to audiobooks & podcasts, surfing websites, and playing games – there are almost endless possibilities! More than anything else, I really appreciate that I’m utilizing small pockets of found time to accomplish many tasks using only my phone.  I sure am grateful for all the apps out there that help me make the most of my scrapbooking time and material!

katie big