Digital Scrapbook Supply Shopping with Friends

Skype Shopping

Right before Digital Scrapbook Day, Katie, Peppermint, Renne Looney, and I recorded a Digi Show all about this most loved holiday in digital scrapbooking. It was that show that gave me the idea that Katie and I should shop together over Skype. Katie and I live almost 1,000 miles apart, so getting together isn’t an option. But, we both have a passion for digital scrapbooking and especially digital scrapbook shopping. I will admit that Katie can out shop me almost any day, but it was so fun to do some of it together.

Katie and I set up a time that we could both be on our computers on the Saturday. I was pretty busy that day and only had a couple of hours that I could shop. We connected via Skype and shared our screens. We went to the same stores and started browsing. Each time we found something we had to have, we showed it to each other via the screen sharing in Skype. We did a lot of enabling this way Winking smile

It was so fun to share this day and our shopping with each other. I later took all of the previews from all of the goodies I bought and a screenshot of Katie and I Skyping and created this layout, supplies are by Lisa Sisneros.

Do you have a digi friend that you could go shopping with today (on {inter}National Scrapbook Day)? Have you done something like this before? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

P.S. Mary M. was the random winner for the Jenn Barrette feature post and she received $10 to spend in Jenn’s store!