Decoding a Digi Scrap Preview

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Have you ever wondered how to decode a preview image for digital scrapbooking supplies? It can be overwhelming at times to look at all the fun goodies that come in a digi kit so it helps to have few pointers to use.

I’m going to use the previews from all the collections included in this month’s Digi Files as examples. Can you believe you get all of these great products for a total price of only $7.50? (Less for annual members) Wow! The proceeds from THE DIGI FILES keep THE DAILY DIGI running!!

I love this kit by Tickled Pink and as soon as I saw the preview I could tell that it was filled with all sorts of designs I could use on my creations. The layer of papers in the background is a great preview of the patterns and colors that come in the kit. The embellishments are layered to show the variety of items included. It is a standard practice for the designer to include the name of the product and their own design name as part of the labeling.

kitpreview (5)

Many scrappers focus on the element items included in a kit and just need a glimpse of the papers. Some designers use more than 1 preview image in a pop up window so you can see previews of each part of the kit (embellishments, patterned papers, solid papers, etc.)  Dunia also included some paper previews inside her kit this month.

kitpreview (4)



Krystal Hartley illustrates some ways to use the included items in combination with the arrangement of her preview image. When I saw the flowers clustered together with the leaves, ribbon, and branch, I knew I would want to use them that way on a page of my own.

kitpreview (2)

With careful layering, you can see the intricacies of patterned papers and added elements on the Queen of Quirk preview here.

kitpreview (1)

Christine Chodil uses a banner across the middle of her preview image to help visually separate the papers from the elements while still showing how they coordinate together. Most previews are shadowed to give definition to each piece pictured, but that does not mean that the individual embellishments come shadowed in the kit.


Whenever I look at digi scrap previews, I pay special attention to the layouts made using the product. Many stores will include some team layouts as alternate images on the preview. At The Daily Digi, we include them in the feature posts and even more in the Team Inspiration section. I like to save these layout images to my hard drive and file them right in with the kit to use for ideas when it comes time to scrap. It’s also fun to pin them on Pinterest for later scraplifts.

kitpreview (6)

Most of all, I find that looking at the layouts created with the kit give me a much more in-depth look at how the designs look in action. I often find that I *have* to get that kit because of a certain paper or a piece of word art I have seen on a layout. I already completely adored this kit by Mari Koegelenberg, but when I saw this layout by Kimberly, I knew I needed to go back and use some of that fun Washi-style tape in the kit!


Previews are important for templates also. I love how Jeanye Labaya uses bright colors to show what her template designs will look like when I bring them to life with my own digi ingredients. I really look for layout examples when I’m exploring template previews so I can see how they look in action!

kitpreview (3)

If you want to understand what comes with a digital scrapbooking purchase, look over the preview and pay attention to the type of items that are pictured. Be sure to check out any sample layouts or additional preview images as well. When you are shopping in a digi store, read the product description to see a listing of the included items. That is especially important for really large kits and collections.

I’m going to use the BIG collaborative kit My Life in Print as an example. This is the kit our members receive as a free gift after their 16th month of the Digi Game. Here’s the preview image:


It’s pretty much impossible to include everything on a preview for a kit this size. This is just a small sampling to give you an idea of the colors, theme, and overall design feel of the kit. It really helps to read the description.

This kit includes:

  • 105 papers
  • over 280 elements
  • 2 layered templates
  • 1 brush set
  • 6 alphas (1 in 3 colors)
  • 2 printable art posters
  • 6 quick pages

This amazing collection was created by 30 of the top digital scrapbooking designers (all of whom are previous contributors to THE DIGI FILES) and two Daily Digi team members.

That listing is important so you can really understand what you get with this particular kit. I’m sure you’ll find that as you read the descriptions, study the preview, and explore additional images, that you will find many digital collections that are longing to become a part of your own stash!

katie big