My Secret Weapon for Using Alphas


I love the look of alphas on a layout, but placing them can be time consuming and monotonous! I have a secret weapon for placing alphas that has changed my scrapping life! It’s the Title Builder Scripts by Anna Forrest (for PSE and PSCS).

These scripts work similarly to actions. You install them differently (Anna includes instructions), and run them from a different menu, but once you select them, they do their thing (see the video below). Actions can only include menu commands in Photoshop, Scripts can actually include more. I can’t imagine the brain power needed to make these babies work!

Once the script is installed, I go to Edit> Scripts> AFD Title Builder:


The following dialogue box opens up:


I type the word in the title box, navigate to the folder that contains the alpha in the Image Folder box. Then, in the lowercase box, I just deleted the a so only the part of the file name visible is the filename that will be the exact same on each letter. If I would have used capitals and or numbers, I would have changed those as well. Then, I clicked OK and the script did it’s thing. Watch the video below to see the script in action.

Here are a few layouts I’ve used this script on:

Template by Little Green Frog and Michelle Batton; elements and papers by Sarah Jones (Girls Rule); font is Printing Primer by Fontologie.

Supplies by SaraJ, template by Little Green Frog and Michelle Batton, font is Printing Primer by Fontologie


Supplies by Chelle’s Creations, font is Printing Primer by Fontologie


Supplies by Zoe Pearn

CVW_SupplyTracker Layer 1 Layer 10 Layer 11 Layer 12 Layer 2 Layer 2 copy Layer 4 Layer 6 Layer 8 Layer 9 MessyBessy Font Sahlin Studio Paper e #6# g #4# it’s a j #1# l #5# n #3# out there! sahlinstudio_fieldtrip_measuringtape u #2#

Supplies by Sahlin Studio, font by Fontologie

If you have an alpha aversion, give these scripts a try and you will be using alphas on every layout from here on out (I’m not kidding)! Smile