Digi Scrapping with Clusters


Clusters are one of my favorite design features on scrapbook pages, but I have to admit to being a bit cluster-impaired. lol! I’ve always admired how team member Jenn Lindsey uses clusters so effectively on her pages. She has a few tips to share with us:
1. Vary the size and rotation of the elements you’re clustering
2. Elements closer to the bottom layers will cast smaller shadows than those on the top of the clusters.


Credits: Star Gazing by Misty Cato and Melissa Bennett, The Faulty Marker (Heather Hess) and FO Textura Empty (Fontologie) fonts


Credits: Little Traveler collab by A5D Designers, DJB JenLin font


Credits: Snow Fun by Marta Designs, Conrad Voigt and CK Constitution fonts

Team member Trina is a clustering queen! I love to study her layouts because she does such a great job with grouping and placing embellishments. I was happy to learn what tricks she uses to achieve such wonderful results. She shares:

Clustering was one of the hardest things I learned how to do for digital scrapbooking, and I found using templates really helped me get the hang of it until I could do a cluster on my own. Now my biggest problem is that I always want to put every single element in the kit! Shadowing plays a HUGE role in making a cluster look realistic like the other girls said. I usually start with papers because I love patterned papers and fill different types of shapes with them, and then add elements on top of that. To create a cluster that looks realistic you may have to hide or erase parts of elements so that something is wound around something else (such as threading a tag on a ribbon). Resize elements, use them 2 or 3 (or more) times, hide parts under others, just go nuts until the cluster is as big and as full as you like.


Credits: Glamorous kit – Jenn Barrette and Eva Kipler Exuberance Templates – Jeanye Labaya


Credits: Yin & Yang 2 Collab – Scrapping With Liz and Fiddle Dee Dee Designs Winter Thrills bundle – Chelle’s Creations


Credits: Everyday Storytelling – Jenn Barrette and Kristin Cronin Barrows Solos Part 4 – Busy Bee Designs

Heddy (another team member) shares a great tip for anyone who struggles with clustering – she says: I love the look of clusters! I often rely on templates with cluster guides because it takes the guess-work out of creating a full cluster.


Credits: facebook fan freebie template by Caroline S.

When it comes to clustering, nothing makes me happier than when I can cheat and use a pre-made cluster. I love it when designers include these in their kits or offer them as embellishment packs! Here are some of my favorites: (all images are linked)












Be sure to read the descriptions on kits and embellishment packs and look for the word “cluster”.


When I looked at the other preview images for this kit, I found that it included several pre-made clusters.


When I read the description for this kit, I found that there were several clusters included.



If you love the look of clusters and want to learn how to make them on your own, be sure to check out NeeNee’s previous post on creating clusters for some great tips. A fun cluster adds so much style to a page!

katie big

P.S. The title image was created with the Worn Collaboration cluster set by Sahlin Studio and One Little Bird Designs. The font is Traveling Typewriter.